... I bought cropped pants. Well, they should be cropped on a taller gal, but on short little me they hit the top third of my ankle. Part of me really loves the nerdy-and-too-short vibe as they are without modification, and the other part of me says to be sensible and make them, at the very least, a non-leg-shortening length. Problem is, there are zippers on the inside hem openings which I expect would make shortening tricky and expensive?

#1 - Pants as is. They are straight from the knee down, but I have very slim ankles so they appear to flare out. The shortie in me finds this almost-too-short vibe amusing, I'm sure if I was taller I wouldn't

#2 - Detail of the print (LOVE) and fabric (a nice weight twill, probably a spring/summer/fall weight for me).

#3 - Because of the zippers, the easiest alteration option would be to have the outer seam taken in so they are skinnier at the hem opening. Shown here are super skinny (ankle hugging) and slim skinny, and with a longer shirt for more normal, non-nerdy proportions This is my top choice.

#4 - The other option would be to shorten them as proper crops, which would add a horizontal seam in the print because I would need to leave the bottom several inches with the zipper alone. Not sure if that would be problematic visually. Longer length on the left (my preference), shorter length on the right. I wouldn't want to go bermuda length with these.

Difficult, I know! But the pattern sings to me in a way that almost no other this season has, so I would be so happy if I could make them work. Thoughts and opinions?

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