Since I got such great advice last time, here I am again with another shopping question.

I've figured that blush is a great neutral for me, and bought a pair of blush oxfords last year. They do look good, and goes well with much of my wardrobe, but haven't gotten alot of wear. I think this is mainly because the style is a little too masculine for me.. and I find the stiff laces a bit too fuzzy.

Recently I bought some great espadrillos for my summer beach capsule. Aaand I just happened to buy a pair of rose gold loafers too.

Now I'm having a bit of a shopping hangover. Do I really need three almost identical pair of shoes? The oxfords are the pair I'd easiest part with, but they are non-returnable now. The other two pair can still be returned. The espadrillos haven't been worn, and won't be worn in quite some time. But I can def see the use for them.

Then there's the loafers. They are super comfy and stunning, but also pricey. I think they'd be great late spring and summer workhorses, but that is as you know not a foolproof prediction.

Any thoughts or advice for me?