I had a funeral to attend a few weeks ago and I did not feel properly dressed because I don't own a black dress coat. I'm rather a traditionalist when it comes to funeral dressing, but it's been so long since I attended one that I had forgotten about it. I wore my black puffer long jacket, which was fine, especially since it was snowing a bit, but I wanted to wear a black dress coat and the only other black coat I own is thigh length and has gold zippers and buttons so not quite "formal" enough. I found a couple of dress coat options at Macys that were good choices. With the current end of winter sales the prices are quite good too. Unfortunately I have another funeral to attend this weekend and there will be another one in the near future since a good friend's Mom is near the end.

These two coats are so similar that it's tough to tell the difference. Both have seaming that gives a little shape. The collar styles are a little different. You can't see the collar style on my selfies because I'm wearing a black dress underneath.

1 - "walker coat" with open collar. Finds #1 and 2 in black and camel

2 - "seamed walker coat" with more of a closed collar. Finds #3 and #4 in black and cream. This one looks to my eye ever so slightly less wide at the hem than the first one.

I've posted finds in black AND lighter colors because the details are so hard to see in black. They both fit very well except for the sleeve length which I will have altered.

Which one do you prefer? They are very similar but to me #1 is a bit more true classic and #2 is a bit more modern because of the collar.

Thanks in advance for all input!

Added photos 3 (the notched collar one with white scarf) and 4 (straighter collar with same scarf)..again the differences are very subtle. Added a find for the scarf...it's one of those "show all the colors" finds but mine is the white one.

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