The fit on 2 really is so much better and the collar, in your much improved new photos, is formal without the extra weight of the lapel.

In my fifties now, I really appreciate a streamlined, flattering fit and I think classic but not too traditional is fresher looking.

But really, the bottom line here is there's just no ignoring the superior fit of 2.

You look really nice in this coat, Chris, and it's a little less somber than the other and might see more regular wear too.

Thanks Karen13. I know black is perhaps not required at funerals any more but I just felt underdressed and therefore a little less respectful than I wanted to be, so trying to listen to my feelings. Besides, for me a black dress coat is a great basic to have.

La Bell D...they feel equally comfortable, hardly any difference at all. I think the fabric is exactly the same too.

Right Emily K.

Thanks Aquamarine, Cee, Sal, Adriana, Style Fan, Sisi, and Isabel.

Before reading others' comments, my preference was also for #2 (seamed coat) because of the fit on you. It is really lovely on you, a great fit. It will be nice to have a classy black coat in your wardrobe. I know what you mean about having one on hand for funerals. I have one on hand, pretty much for that purpose alone, although I do occasionally wear it otherwise, too.

Another vote for #2. I think that the fit is better.

I'm glad you're listening to your feelings about wearing black. On some occasions, black just feels "right," and it will be nice to have a black coat on hand in future.

Chris, I am sorry that you have these sad events to attend. A black cost will come in handy for any dressy events as well as funerals. Keep the one that you will feel most confident wearing, whatever the occasion.