I just acquired this burgundy knit top. I love all of the diagonal lines, the tucked seam, the slits, the asymmetrical hem, how it covers in the back, the long sleeves, the color - everything about it. I hadn't worked up any outfits yet, but yesterday I tried it with a matching layering tank and black leggings. It looked awesome. And although there's plenty of length in back, the front slit definitely shows the crotch of the leggings when I move. It is not tight or weird-looking, but have I crossed into leggings-are-not-pants territory?

If so, I'm stuck for alternatives.

I have several short black skorts and a skirt, technically gear, which I was planning to wear over the leggings if necessary. They are my casual wear when it's warm. But most of the new ones are shiny and clearly athletic. The only one that was unobtrusive was a tennis skirt, with a smooth matte surface and a slight a-line. It has pleats in the back that looks slightly odd, and it's not as smooth at the waist/hip line as I'd like for layering.

So what's next? I've considered skirted leggings, but the EF ones are quite a bit to spend and totally unbudgeted. There don't seem to be any other options except super cheap versions from Asia on ebay, and some from QVC. I've never shopped there. I'm also leery of how they'll look, since the pencil shape is really bombshell on me unless it's Fran Drescher short and under a dress/tunic.

I wouldn't mind another athletic-inspired skirt of similar material to the tennis skort, but Athleta's options look thin right now, and probably too long anyway for the proportions I need. I do like athletic-inspired skorts because they have plenty of stretch to fit
smoothly for layering, a skirt so there's no backside display, and shorts to keep the
skirt from sliding all the way up my hips.

What's next, pants of some kind? That's a whole 'nother can of worms for me. The biggest one is that pants on me are not comfortable. My hips are very fluffy and also very sloping, so waists that are too snug dig in visibly, and if too loose they pull down when I sit and stay there when I stand. I have a very low tolerance for fussing. I also need Tall sizes with pants, which immediately adds price and scarcity, although leggings tend to be long enough or close enough. The leggings I like best are ordinary knit cotton, not too tight, with a fairly high rise. The elastic is snug enough to stay up without digging in. Pants tend to have a structured waistband, sometimes with belt loops, which is totally unnecessary under this tunic and will cause the tunic to hang up. Also, pants are going to be another expense that was not in my budget. And ultimately - if the pants aren't as comfortable, or nearly comfortable, as leggings, I will not want to wear them.

I'll try to post pictures tonight if they would be helpful. But I would really appreciate some guidance!