That is a lovely top and it looks great on you. I love the color.

I have no useful advice to offer, except that I'm not a leggings as pants fan either. Surely there are some close fitting black skinny jeans out there that would work. Adding a longer under layer seemed like a good idea except that it would need to be proportioned just right and just the right fabric and could turn out to be a pain to find.

Girl you were not joking - that top looks FABULOUS on you! I love it with the thicker leggings in black the most. I'm not sold on the skirted look…I think it detracts from the interesting lines of the top. If it were me, I'd dress it up with a long pendant necklace and some heeled ankle boots. Maybe a fitted jacket overtop if you need extra warmth? If you want to make it work with what you've already got, that'd be my recommendation. If you're willing to buy a new piece, I still vote for some ponte pants.

If leggings don't work with a top, I try my Habitat crepe pants with slim legs. They look like EF crepe pants and cost me about $80 which is a lot less expensive. I got them at a local boutique but I've seen them online, too. Another alternative solution I've used is wearing a Karina swing skirt (I got mine on sale) over leggings. That top is really cute and a gorgeous color.

Gorgeous top on you. Beautiful colour. I think ponte pants would look great with this top. Just a bit more substantial than leggings but not too much pant. I have seen them around and it sounds like the forum members have some ideas of where to get them.
I also find leggings slide down when I am in Yoga. I have to keep yanking them up. One of my Yoga teachers has the same problem. We have the same body type. A big difference between our waist and hips.

That's a great tunic on you, very flattering. I like it best in 1 and 8/9. (For some reason the grey leggings remind me of workout wear, less so the black ones.)

I'm going to put it out there--- you look great in that top-- but I see it as a top, not even as a tunic-- I think the high-low trend has blurred this area for some people, but I think full crotch action requires real pants. I would wear it with jeans or with ponte pants that look like jeans (like my Kuts). I won't wear ponte pants as pants if they look like leggings in the crotch area. I'm not saying that there aren't leggings that look ok with a shorter top, but I think they are extremely rare and way less likely to be flattering from all angles on women with curves (you and me both!). I feel like I just shouldn't do that to myself! I have had a couple pairs of leggings that I thought were fine but eventually I figured out that they showed things when I moved a crazy way (which I do) or sagged just a bit or clung to lines on my backside after a day of wear. The NYDJ pontes from NAS might suit you-- they were a bit too high waisted and hippy for me (I'm curvy but more in the backside and short waisted).

Ha ha, your facial expressions are funny
I think the heavy leggings are the best, because they're the closest to real pants.

Don't like any of the outfits with skirts. Love it with leggings, not with pants. I'm totally fine with the crotch showing, the swingy-ness of the shirt seems to cover it sometimes, and when it doesn't - honestly I don't think it looks bad at all. That's just my 2 cents