Maybe pink? Or maybe bright blue (cobalt?) actually. Hmm, color me confused.

My color preferences change with the seasons and the years. But right now I am loving burgundy with a purple tint for fall, and lilac for spring. (no surprise there). I don't know how I'll feel in the future.

I am sorely lacking in toppers, so I will speak of overall. Mint is my yellow.

I’m one of those that feel sophisticated in navy and grey. Navy is definitely my signature color, though it doesn’t necessarily make me happy - just calm and confident.

this was an easy much so that its actaully been called out by a couple of my co-workers....

Like the cat, I found this confusing! Red maybe? Cobalt?

You are spot on, Angie, purples are my yellow. And I do love actual yellow too, but it's not my best colour (althought buttercup yellow looks nice on me). Looooove all your yellow toppers!!

Pepto pink, red, and fuchsia, in that order (I had to really think about the order of red and fuchsia!). Pink and red together, even!

It's true Angie, black is a *happy* colour for me (and stripes are really only for shirts anyway). I look just as good, if not better, in navy blue but navy doesn't always make me happy, because it's the colour of so many uniforms. But I own do a lot of both.

I don't have a clue, but a goal this year is to buy more colour. Now I see a lot of black and charcoal when I open my closet. You are really inspiring with your signatures. On my profile pic I'm wearing olive lace for the first time in my life. Next time it will be paired with pink.

@Angie - ever since you convinced me to buy that J Crew cocoon cost a couple of years ago and observed that I look good in light colours - it's lavender! I never thought I would say that. I have always adored that colour, but I never thought it looked good on me. But I think the silver hair is making it more wearable, and I love how it looks with my wardrobe of blush, grey, ivory, taupe and black. Now to build up an enviable collection of toppers like you!

My yellow has to be black. 95% of my toppers are black and the majority of my wardrobe is black. However, red has always been a color that sparks some joy for me. When I paint my nails a color, it is always my signature red and has been for over 20 years. Actually I do enjoy all the shades of red, pink, orange and burgundy but they are not well represented in my wardrobe. I would love to find a winter coat in red, a red pair of shoes and a red purse. I've been on a real hunt for a red purse but I have not found it, yet.

My yellow is the same as yours, only 10 yrs old, think I'm the late copycat:-)

Blue, maybe. It's the one color that has been consistently included in my wardrobe since mom decided it looked good on me as a kid. She isn't wrong; it makes me eyes pop, and it seems to be right for my skin tone. It also just makes me happy.

This is hard! I don't avoid color but I can't really say I have a favorite. Gray has always been what I am drawn to on a store rack (and I do have a lot) but that sounds so boring! And I am also starting to edge away from it I think. I do love warm, spicy colors, oranges and golds - especially with gray!

My yellow is turquoise. I have never met a shade of blue that did not work on me and turquoise make me feel the most radiant.

Yep, cobalt blue for me, but teal runs a close second. Burgundy comes in there too.

Sorry this is just too limiting ,it’s making my head hurt trying to decide on one colour!,Can I say what isn’t my yellow?well that’s black and probably-yellow!Other than that I love them all so rainbow is probably my yellow.I hope this is allowed.

This is hard. Like the Cat, I was a bit confused by the question, but I think I've figured it out. I think for me it would be cobalt. It's a colour that makes me happy, looks good on me, and is represented across my wardrobe. Funny though, I haven't been wearing it much lately. wonder why?

Thanks for the giggles and the visual feast. I loved your responses and looking at your items. Happy thread. Colour is beautifully emotional.

Like several others I find it difficult to pick a single color. I have been thinking though that I really like quaternary colors. By that I mean not primary, secondary, or tertiary (according to the color wheel) but even subtler. Colors that you have to pay close attention to in order to accurately name. Those are my happy colors. And bonus points for a heathered effect.

Sarah - props for your comment, which had me investigating quaternary colors.