Fuchsia. Without a doubt, fuchsia.

For toppers, I think teal. It works with my wardrobe almost like a neutral, but more interesting than black or navy. And for shoes, accessories, and the occasional skirt, definitely red, leaning more towards cherry or bluer reds.

Maybe blush. I have it and love it and it feels a little special but it’s not an everyday. Wearing it makes me feel light, bright and fresh.

Oh my goodness i Love reading these responses.
The questions, the prints, polka dots, stripes..... the my red is white, your yellow is my blue......my head is spinning and I am laughing like crazy. Thank goodness for comic relief! Great thought provoking question Angie
I think blue- green spectrum ( aqua to teal)

I was trying to think what my white is. It's not quite your white. But close.

Maybe my white is your blue?

I couldn't live without it but don't wear it everyday. A wardrobe essential.

This is a fun thread! Love seeing people's options.

This IS a fun thread. Uplifting somehow - or maybe just because colours make me happy.

Suz. YES. Dead right. My white (and tomato red) is your blue. EXACTLY. I think your red is my orange.

Kerry, I love your blush. You need some everyday blush pieces. Milk it.

Merwoman. HAH. You get how incredible our KM chartreuse coat is. High five. Love that blue for you too.

Anchie, fun that we love the same colours. We are a very small team. Most people on YLF like jewel tones, neutrals, olives and burgundies, and cool tones.

Smittie, definately blue for you.

Sterling, I want to see you in fuschia.

Kathie, you rock teal.

Ginger, fire engine and cherry red for you.

Teal, like you said. Although possibly also botanical prints?

As you have guessed, Angie, it is purple, in all sorts of shades. I am about to comment on the blog that I have decided to build a capsule of purple outerwear, too. I have purchased my second purple coat a month or so ago (the first one is at least 12 years old) and want to take advantage of purple trending this season.

The Cat, I would have put money on a shade of purple.

Greyscale, I love orange and lime green. You surprised me.

Laura, I want to see those coats. I was going to say BLUE.

La Ped, I think black.

Joyce, YAY red. Which shade of red?

delurked, yup. Cobalt is dead right.

Christina, I’d have said blue too.

Style Fan, I think olive.

Tanya and Diana. I have you PEGGED, sisters.

efbgen, lets make it a green.

Kate, I don't know your style, but I'm with you on loving orange.

Piercing, rich, bright, saturated blue with blue-green.

Krish, that's cobalt. I don't think I have ever seen you wear it.

Interesting, Angie. I love purple, but own only one topper in that colour.

Oh no. I am sweating, trying to figure this out. A year ago I would have confidently said red with olive a close second.
With my lighter ( and getting lighter each month) hair I am still trying to figure colors out. I think I want to say tomato red, or blue red and cobalt blue.
I don’t really know, but I suspect a year from now, I will have a much more decisive response.

Angie, my pants are like the red below. I also have the Halogen scallop knit top in red, a few oval neck tees in dark pink and a fuscia turtleneck that proved to be a workhorse. I ended up keeping the red Sarto mocs, they work nicely with the pants. Now that I think about it, I also have a red leather jacket, must put it to use for sure. Somehow the red pants looks softer when you pair them with more red and dark pink which I learned from your Friday post on columns of color.

I wish I knew what my yellow was. I rejoice that I am seeing quite a bit of "spice" in the stores, these days... perhaps "spice" / "copper"/ "burnt orange" would be my yellow as far as a colour that makes my heart sing. In an ideal world, where I had the discipline to stick with a certain palate instead of buying willy-nilly, I'd have heaps of this shade in my wardrobe. Instead, I just look at these photos and drool.

My yellow is definitely red. I have three red coats and may add another one next year. I'm thinking that I need a lighter weight casual coat. #1 and #3 are close to the actual colors and #2 is really more of a cranberry rather than the pinkish color shown in the photo.

I think my best signature color is light emerald, or maybe light blue green. I’m not sure what to call the color, but it’s the color of my favorite glasses frames. I included a link to a collection I made in finds of my wardrobe items in this color, but not everything is here. For example, I have a blazer, pencil skirt, cardigan and much more that are not pictured.

Fuschia is another signature color. My fuschia leans more red than blue in color, and possibly even looks like a very deep dark coral sometimes but less warm. Hmm, well, I also have a group of fuschia items from my wardrobe that I made into a collection.

I also love blues, but mine are the mid blues, royal blues, sky blue, and any blue with a hint of green that reminds one of clear tropical water. These are sort of the same family as the first, but more blue than green.

I just noticed my profile picture. It’s several years old, but I’m wearing a necklace with my signature green colors and malachite drop earrings, so also green.


Hmmm. at the moment my "happy bright colour" is dark periwinkle. It's a real hybrid of cobalt and purple, but a little easier on my skin than those two colours.

My "happy subdued colour" is seafoam green.

I also love aqua/turquoise, but I don't wear it super frequently for some reason.

Stays fit your collection is beautiful. I think I would call it "bright turquoise" or even "tropical lagoon". It's funny the stone turquoise is actually more what I would call "aqua".

I think my yellow is tortoiseshell. Not nearly as exciting as your yellow, but I think it is a signature color.

My red is teal, or berry purple. They both make me happy!

Jussie, I love “tropical lagoon”! My wardrobe has a beach color theme so that’s perfect! When I shop I think of a clear tropical beach scene and what I would find there, and if the item fits a color in the scene, then I know it’s right.

I suppose this is something I should know, but I am stumped!

Fun topic! I’m not sure, though. Maybe burgundy?

Several years ago, I would have said purple. But I’m no longer drawn to it as much as I used to be. I love all shades of blue, and it’s well represented in my closet, but I wouldn’t call it my “happy” color.

A burgundy coat could be cheering during our long, grey winters. Hmm...

Angie, navy for me - of course! *Slaps forehead*

My yellow? I can't decide between red and "sparkle". Maybe both. Such a fin thread and very interesting reading all the answers.

My yellow is probably blush right now, but it could be tomato red, coral or aqua/turquoise. Interesting question to think about. Someday it may be yellow.