I love handbags as much as the next person, and own more than I can actually use in a season . I had a nasty habit of buying $250 leather bags from BR when they were on a 50% off promo, and never using them. Cognac, orange, white, you name it, I have it. I typically rotate between 3 or 4 in one season (more in the summer where my colour collection explodes) My biggest issue is the inconvenience of switching stuff between one bag and the next .......and this is where I inevitably forget something in the transfer process. My glasses, my car fob, kleenex, and now a mask and sanitizer. My makeup ends up spread among 4 different bags by the end of the week .

What's in your purse? How do you do the bag transfer on a day -to-day basis ....if you do it at all? Tips for keeping things organized ? (I do own one of those fabric organizers , but it doesn't fit very many of my bags so it currently holds my stash of makeup samples )