I was thinking about this. Lately I feel pretty confined by my current lifestyle (transportation issues) and climate (sticky hot). It seems what I want to wear and what my circumstances dictate I wear are further apart. I know we all have constraints in our life that impact our chosen style. Jobs, climate, terrain, environmental norms. I remember Rae struggling to express her style in the banking world confines, for example. Or Natalie's DH having a poison eye for some of the styles she likes to play with. So I know it's not just me. I get that! But here is my question:
How important is it to overall happiness to narrow the gap between what you must wear and what you want to wear? Is it a superfluous thing? Is it fine to just have weekends to express yourself if it's a job constraint? Or the few and far between dress up occasions if it's an overly casual environment? Or is it closer to the idea of living one's authentic life to reconcile the two as best we can? How do you feel when you can't dress in your preferred mode of self expression for whatever reason? And is changing your life in a way to move closer to this expression a worthy goal?