Hi friends, I put on my olive motos (same as the black Zara ones in finds) this a.m. and quickly decided they are done. They have served me well for a few years as a polished but casual alternative to jeans, but the rise is rather low (it felt a tad low even before I started really getting into the higher waists), and I am constantly having to pull them up and adjust them. I'm over it!

In thinking through my 'french five' update items for the couple of months ahead, I'm considering a replacement. My question is - what would you replace them with that would be classic but current? My parameters:

  • neutral or 'nearly neutral' (olive worked well, but I could do another neutral; maybe tan/camel given current trends?)
  • mid- to high-waist
  • easy care/machine wash
  • works with my essential fine knit sweaters
  • seasonably flexible - good for cold weather primarily and works with booties and cold-weather boots in a pinch (I have olive chinos that work for warmer weather)
Essentially the moral equivalent of the late 90s essential khaki, really

What do you think? A similar style to these with a higher waist? Something different like a jogger or legging? (would that work with my knits?) Something else? Or just focus on wearing out my jeans? I threw together a random assortment of 'on the right track' items below.

Thanks wise ones!