Beiges and browns seem to be the colours of 2020, so my vote is the beige tuxedo stripe chinos as a change from olive.

These aren't olive, or tan, and they're joggers, but they look like a good alternative to jeans. Maybe an option if you are still looking for another pair come summer?

Those are really cute Nemosmom, and they look structured enough for my style for a great summer look!

Am going to check out the Lulu 'on the fly' pants too. So many great ideas here; thanks everyone! Knowing me, I'll go sideways and get something completely different - but with the tips and inspiration you've all shared and I gratefully accept and appreciate!!

I was just coming back to tell you to check out the On The Fly pants! I know they are not a traditional chino but honestly, they are some of the most versatile pants I have. There seem to have the ideal amount of width - not skintight, just slouchy enough to be trendy but still structured. The straight hems seem to go with any shoe - they are miracle pants!

One caution- go on the website abs check out the reviews first. Some are fine (black, burgundy, olive). Some are made of woven material that doesn’t seem to wear well (the mustard ones). With Lulu their quality is hit and miss so I always read the reviews before I buy.

Thanks for the tips Roxanna; I'm always worried about Lulu purchases; they are SO pricey. I will check these out for sure!