What’s not fun to buy: underpinnings! No matter how many I own, I never seem to have exactly what I need.

I have a few unlined midi skirts and struggle with what to wear underneath. I like “slip shorts” or bike shorts to prevent chub rub because I walk a lot for my commute. But some of the skirts are a bit transparent and I believe a slip would be good when wearing those in strong sunlight. I was taught that it’s not good etiquette to have your, umm, crotch silhouette visible through the skirt, so I like something that covers waist to mid thigh.

But a slip doesn’t prevent chub rub, and I can’t imagine wearing BOTH shorts and slip under a skirt in summer. Also, it’s hard to find slips that are swishy rather than skintight “for smoothing.”

So I guess what I need are loose, lightweight shorts with a flat waist?? Does such a thing exist?? What do you all wear under longer skirts?