I really love to co-ordinate my hand bag to my outfit and so will change out my bag most days. Previously I liked and used larger bags (Moster bag below is a good example of the size).

The turning point was when I bought a mauve Kate Spade bag last year, it is a similar style to a number of Angie's Furla's and of course once I tried it out, it was love. So much so, that I bought the same bag in dark blue - which is also a work horse. Since then, my bag collection has expanded, but with smaller bags that are held in the hand. Whilst most of these have the option of a cross body strap, I never use them. I like holding onto my bag in my hand or having it worn on my lower arm.

My current favourites are in finds. The red bag is a little larger than the others, but much smaller than the Monster. Of course, the Monster is still loved, but I don't see me buying any large tote styles like this in the near future - even though this was a favourite style of mine for a number of years.

So do you have a specific style or size of bag that you prefer? Has your style preference changed?