Belt bag size. But if I’m doing the shopping, I carry a sizeable backpack purse. I’ve decided my mini backpack purse is irritatingly awkwardly small for a backpack purse.

That is a lovely selection of bags! My collection is similar. I am a big Furla fan. I like a mid sized hand held bag, rather than a cross body. If I have time in the morning, I will change my bag as I only carry a small selection of things every day.

I like a variety of. bags.It now usually reach for a large bag to hold all my medical supplies plus room for a nylon shopping bag . I like a clutch big enough to hold essentials for going out to dinner.

Pretty big. Needs to fit my lunch, breakfast, phone and sunnies, at least But often I need even more space because I'm going to the gym at work and need a change so I just have a backpack.

My wallet can, however sort of double as a small bag and fit my phone in, so if I have my backpack but need to pop out quickly, I can just take it.

Thank you Bijou! I am an Aussie too. Ah well, I will keep my eye out for a re-run, or maybe hunt around some sale sites to see if I can turn it up.

I love large structured shoulder bags with straps long enough to either carry in hand or over shoulder. Not totes, they don't keep anything in place :). However, I never use mine any more as my current lifestyle requires backpacks and crossbodies. I don't have the energy to swap bags all the time, so now I combine a backpack for work (laptop, document folders, lunch & snacks) with a medium sized crossbody for essentials (wallet, large phone, foldable extra bag for errands on the go, keys, hankies, lip balm, preferably room for sunglasses too).

Haven't collected pictures yet. Will possibly add a new crossbody soon, but the exact right size is hard to find. Too large becomes ridiculous together with a backpack :). Too small and I can't fit my essentials.

Bijou, I forgot to mention how KILLER gorgeous your bags are.

Katerina - I love the look of your bag and it seems to be of a similar size to my Monster bag. I like having such a big bag because it is useful - but just not the size that I want to carry all of the time because I tend to accumulate things in a bigger bag. It is a gorgeous colour, I can see why you were drawn to it.

Thanks everyone for your comments, it is interesting to see how we are all different. Of course Angie's handbag collection is just amazing!

Thank you for the advice, Bijou. I think I keep the bag, it is good to have a bag big enough for my computer and a few files, plus it will be handy on flights.

Another vote for smaller, more structured bags. My KS options below are MVPs.

The Editor bag below is my spring work bag, and I am looking to replace a worn out dark colored KS bag as an alternate.

My Le Pliage is not structured, but I made exception for the color, and it works mainly b/c I spend most of the fall on the road.

My latest travel change is to carry on a small cross body or clutch so I don’t have to carry my larger bag to all activities.

Such beautiful handbags! All are gorgeous, but the owl....well, I think I need the owl, even though I am not sure how much I would actually use it. It speaks to me.
Most of my bags have a lot of structure. I have a fondness for details and hardware. I like a handheld satchel with a shoulder strap option. I prefer to hand carry, or wear on my lower arm, but often find it necessary to use the shoulder strap.
DH purchased a beautiful bag for me, in a smaller size, so I could fit it inside a tote when traveling. I love the size! The scale is much better for my body. There was a bit of a sad moment when I realized that my wallet, reading glasses and prescription sunglasses were struggling for space. Problem solving 101: trade favorite wallet for a slimmer version. Trade hard eyeglass cases for fabric. Now everything coexists quite nicely.
Interestingly, while I do have some variety in shapes, styles and colors, the majority of my bags are various shades of earth toned satchels. When I went to visit my sister I told her not to let me buy any brown colored satchels. If I am going to spend money on a new bag, I should branch out a bit.
While with DTwin we each fell hard for MZ Wallace. No brown (although the quilted tan and gold was beyond stunning) and no satchels.
I chose two bags with nice options. The large Sutton tote in blue camouflage also has a webbed crossbody strap. I like how the sides can be clipped down to creat more structure, or opened up to create more space. I am using it as my new work tote. It easily holds my laptop, playbook , lunchbag, umbrella and has room for more without opening the tabs.
As soon as I spotted the Crosby crossbody (the one I chose is quilted patent in navy) I sensed it was the one for me. This bag can be carried as a clutch. It also has a navy chain strap, a leather shoulder strap and a sporty webbed strap. I have been using the leather strap for work, but think I will add the chain, as pictured, for a little pizzazz.

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Gretchen - KS bags are fab, I have been gradually collecting mine.

Mainlady - the Owl bag gives the term wardrobe pet even more meaning. I tend to wear it with anything and everything. It never fails to elicit a comment, so I have to be mindful of that. Very good advice on how to lighten the load and use a smaller bag.

I'm a big tote girl because I carry too much rubbish around with me. I've had one of the fold-up Longchamp ones forever and it's been everywhere from the courtroom (in my former life as an attorney) and the beach!
I am now in love with the Monster bag, which could be a problem since it's Fendi!

Fifthandfinest - Well yes the Monster bag was a bit of a splurge - but it is so much fun and very versatile. One of its best features is that it is lined in bright pink fabric, and so I can see everything in my bag. So often bags are lined in black making it hard to see the purse, sunglasses etc in the bag.

When I go to the office, I take lots of things with me like an umbrella,
tiffin box, key, etc. So I like to take a medium size bag for daily