As spring seems to really be here and the last snow storms have hopefully passed, I am wondering what shoes I wore last spring. We were even in more of a lockdown then than now, but my dressing needs are the same, and will likely remain the same until summer. Work from home, school runs, with some outdoors socializing and many walks in the park. Weather here is mild and wet, so closed shoes that can handle some dirt are a must.
In winter I wore the below two pairs of booties nearly all the time; they are to heavy and insulated for spring. Similar spring styles tend to be suede, which is harder to care for, and nubuck, which I don't like as much.
When working at the office, low-heeled booties are my go-to, as well as loafers. But I only have one pair of white sneakers that work well for my current casual lifestyle. So I'm thinking another pair of sneakers may be just what I need not to get bored to death? Nemosmom I think suggested high-tops in my last failed bootie order. What do you guys think? What do you wear during this still-not-normal spring?