It is winter in Australia and the only pants I have bought this season were some 80's inspired trousers with a matching oversized double breasted blazer (in Finds - the only picture I could download is of the back, at the front they have a fly and pockets). The pants are slightly cropped and have a star print in the jacquard fabric. The cut of the trousers is chino inspired. I have not bought any new jeans this season, having a massive jeans upgrade in 2018. I just want to wear the ones I currently own. Buying a new pant suit has been a fun addition to my wardrobe.

Our last winter was strange; very cold but not much snow. I think I wore my snow boots once or twice, and I walk to work. The stars for me were lug sole combat boots, or the fashion equivalent thereof. I also wore fleece lined hightops (Uggs) after i hurt my knee.

The pants were generally straight leg velvet/corduroy jeans or ankle length narrow trousers. Like the Boden Richmond pants. Or i wore dresses with leggings and my long wool coat.

I added the same hi-top Vans this year as nemosmom has. I wore them quite a bit Feb/Mar/Apr. I also wear my black Blundstones and my lace-up combat/granny boots a lot. The combat boots I tend to reserve for milder weather and mostly-indoor days; the Vans are a step up in terms of warmth/waterproof, the Blundstones one step higher.

If I wear wide-leg cropped pants in the winter it's usually with the combat boots because they have a higher shaft that is snug on the ankle and a pointier toe. But loose, straight legged jeans I'm happy to wear with any of these three shoe options, either cuffed to the top of the boot or full-length.

If I'm going to be outside for any significant amount of time in deep snow or slush, I wear either classic Bogs or insulated Danner hikers that are very similar to Nemosmom's Vasque boots. Of course, in those situations I'm also usually wearing ski bibs or thermal softshell pants.

I'm on my phone so can't dig up Finds right now; will try to remember to add them from the computer.

Thanks Ladies.
I would have thought blundstones and Levi’s wedgies would not work well together...maybe I’m wrong.

I don’t own any combat/ blundstone - style boots at the moment. I need to try this combo. I know they’ve got a few good combat boot options at the NAS.

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Those combat boots you posted are awesome, Smittie.

Love those buckled boots.

I'm with you in living in a true four-season climate. It's kept me in skinnies (w/ ankle booties or tall boots) nearly three months out of the year for the last decade or so, but I'm hoping to evolve the silhouette over the next seasons (e.g.; I imagine wearing those black crops with high-shaft booties in the fall).

1–4: Here are a few images I pinned last winter that might help?

5–6: I think mom jeans and Blundstones can work, but are quite masculine, if you're ok with that!

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I may wear more bootcut jeans than usual since I'm currently shopping for some low cowboy style ankle boots. I have some straight jeans that will work but not really any bootcuts at the moment. I'd like to add at least one pair of bootcut jeans. I wear almost exclusively denim pants in fall/winter unless I'm dressing up. My climate is not super cold but my feet run cold if it's 50 F degrees or colder, so I have to wear warm socks and shoes in late fall/winter. I have waterproof boots that I usually wear with slim cut jeans, rolled up if required when it's wet. One pair for cool and one pair for truly cold.

Notsaf - Thanks for the inspo! When looking at the pictures, I really do like #1 -- a tapered leg with a bigger boot. (I took a look at your previous thread and am now thinking I need a pair of those paige cropped flares! And a pair of single-strap sandals!)

2, 3, 4 are very dainty boots. That's my favourite silhouette, but it doesn't work that well outdoors in the winter. But maybe if the boots are Aquatalia with a bit of lining, they'd work. I'll have to see. I love the ones I posted below, but the 2.5" heel might be too high for winter.

5, 6 are just a bit too rugged for me.

Thanks for posting these pictures Notsaf. It helps a lot! I can avoid a lot of hemming/hawing/tryons/etc.

texstyle: Cowboy boots and bootcut jeans seem like a good match to me!

Too rugged for me too! Glad those inspectors photos helped.

The Aquatalias you posted would be perfect, if the heel is stable for you. I have three pairs in different styles I’ve collected over the years and they are workhorses for me once it snows.

But I think you should explore more the silhouette in #1, which sounds like it might be more practical and more of a departure.

Keep us posted!

notsaf - I love those pins, that is really helpful for me too - great style all of them.

It's still summer where I live, but I just bought a pair of dark floral pants that I intend to wear year round. They are straight and moderately wide. If I have to walk in deep snow, I will tuck them into my boots.

I am definitely in the minority here but bootcut is my pant of choice. I live in Michigan where we get a bit of everything. I happily wear my bootcuts with snow boots. If there is too much snow I just cuff up the jeans while out in the weather and uncuff them when inside.

Texstyle, those shearling cuff boots look so warm! I’m going to see about getting a pair!

I’m not sure what I’ll do. I live in a somewhat mild winter climate. (Colorado, between Vail and Denver; elevation 7600 feet.) Last year though it was never above 40 deg. And it snowed heavily November until this May. I really need very, very warm socks and boots. (My feet get chilblains and it progressed to a very ugly condition last winter where my feet were excruciatingly painful, and cracking and bleeding. And yes, I saw a dermatologist and was told there isn’t a single thing they can do. only thing that helped per my functional medicine doctor was high doses of vitamin e and magnesium. It helped but didn’t solve it completely.) I’ve even considered knitting alpaca, yak or cashmere socks because wool isn’t warm enough. I dislike snow boots with anything beyond skinnies and leggings. But lately I’ve really wanted to wear more bootcut styles. And I really don’t think snowboots look good with bootcuts. It just looks weird to my eye.

So... it feels like I may be stuck having to choose function over fashion. And I absolutely hate it!

I am going to stick with my skinny’s mostly because I spent my budget on other items this year, like my new trench coats, and a collection of The Office of Angela Scott Shoes. I did purchase one pair of bootcut jeans to test them out. My legs get too cold in cropped leg anything....

I was re-reading this thread thinking about whether I should look for any more ponte pants- have my first afternoon off in 3 weeks and am heading to a small mall for something else so may look. I thought I’d photograph the soles on 2 pair boots and one pair loafers I’ve been wearing. Not sure how substantial they really are but do keep my feet nice and dry.

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I mostly wear skinnies. If I want a change of pace, I wear cropped straights with heeled knee-high boots, or with booties and long socks that match the color of the booties. Sometimes I also wear midi or even maxi skirts with knee-high boots.

While shopping the NAS yesterday, I saw myself in the three-way mirror and decided then and there that the wider leg pants look better on me from the back. It is nice to have some roominess back there, so my goal this year will be to add a couple more pairs of substantial, non-skinny jeans, to be worn with my new aquatalias on dry days (it is about 50/50 dry/snow days where I live! There’s a lot of snow!)

Keturah: that is an unfortunate foot condition! Definitely you must wear snow boots. I think original uggs are quite warm. (They certainly look it!) They would probably work for non-snowy days. You might even try an indoor pair!

Staysfit: I was wondering if I could handle something cropped. I think I can, with some long John’s and boots that come up high enough. Ive discovered I’m way more into non-skinnies now, so it’s worth the investment in layers.

Jenni: those soles are somewhat substantial, but not really for a snow day here.

Gigi: yes, I wear tall boots with skinnies and it’s a really good option. I like the idea of cropped straights with booties. The booties I just got are mid-calf, so I don’t need to fuss with socks.