As a follow-up to my thread on comfortable walking shoes, I thought I would start this one:

What is your *favorite* pair of comfortable walking shoes that are not obviously from a "comfort shoe" line? (If the shoes read more "fashionable" than "comfort shoe," you can include them even if they are from a comfort shoe line, since they don't scream "comfort shoe.") You can include more than one if your favorite pair changes with the seasons.

As with my other thread, "comfortable" will loosely refer to a shoe that you would wear for hours of consecutive walking, like a 6-hour shopping trip with Angie or a day of sightseeing.

As for me, I have only one that meets the criteria: a pair of knee-high boots from La Canadienne. My only other shoes suitable for heavy walking are the Aravon Jodi and some sandals by Josef Seibel, but both the latter read more "comfort" than "fashion" imo and are therefore excluded. I have the Okalas but haven't worn them enough to know how they would perform in these conditions.