I'm posting this to keep me on the straight and narrow

I live in a warm climate and live a casual lifestyle. I'm not working right now so don't need much, we are having a record breaking hot fall (plus, hello hot flashes) and nobody around me dresses up. Sometimes, when I dress up to go out to dinner my husband sighs because he thinks it forces him to dress up when he doesn't want to.

What I really need are short sleeve tops. I've gotten rid of a lot that have worn out or pilled. I have more I should get rid of, but I need short sleeve tops all year round. I am so tired of my summer clothes, and that makes me want to both wear and buy fall clothing. I'm going to focus on replenishing short sleeve tees and blouses when it's early spring and there's more selection.

The lovely collection Angie has on the site today makes me want to try the red AT dress that I have nowhere to wear it. And I love the colors of the BR merino sweater, but I've yet to wear a sweater this season.

Trying to sit on my hands and not purchase anything ...