I'm laughing today because even though I crave structure I seem to also crave soft. I'm wearing a super soft knit collared button down over slouchy olive twill pants (also very soft). I think however I can say there is *some* structure in the top because it has a hefty button placket (is that the right word?), a built in v-neck due to the buttons starting further down, and the buttons are dark and stand out in a good way against the light oatmeal heather color. It also has roll tab sleeves, which I don't usually like, but for some reason they work just right to me on this particular top.

So maybe sometimes it is the combination of details that help add structure to otherwise soft and comfy items. And I will wear good shoes, add some bracelets and roll the pants when I go out and about.

minimalist - your tow truck driver comment really made me laugh. My DH is who he is, and I don't really care how he dresses. He returns the favor, so it's not a big deal.

I like hues of fuchsia and purple, as well as loving blues. I once had two identical dresses - one in red and one in black. I loved the cut and wore them both. The red made me feel like a standout, but the black was worn at least twice as much. I have black dresses though, and don't need another (unless it's very summery and casual).

Texstyle - maybe for both of us it's more about fit and tailoring than structure. I don't really get clothing tailored, but we all know when we feel the fit of something really flatters us. Super thin tees and other summer fabrics can make me feel bad about myself, but it's due to how it drapes and clings mostly.

I posted this dress under another thread, but I was happy to have the chance to try them both on. Both are nice, but I'm not getting either right now. I tried lighter weight short sleeve and 3/4 sleeve tops too, but will look more earnestly in early spring. The sweater reminds me that wool isn't a great fabric for me to wear (although it didn't feel see through, as others have mentioned). I really like the sweater color.

Note - it's been mid 80s for temps here, so I'm trying to buy according to what will actually get worn.

Props to Angie - it was her descriptions that made me think they would work for my body type.