The challenge to wear 10 x 3 items is over! I must say that I was very glad to end it but found it was a valuable exercise - and I made it! All of the challenge pieces got worn 3 times during the month of June and in different ways.

The Pros

  • I put into rotation some items I most likely would not have done;
  • I found some new combinations that I like;
  • I had to be creative and not fall back on some of my usual formulas;
  • When feeling lazy, thank goodness for denim - always easy to pair and dress down statement items;
  • The challenge made me appreciate that I have a larger wardrobe that provides lots of variety. 
A key learning for me is that whilst I admire others for tight and well curated wardrobes, for me a bigger and haphazard wardrobe gives me the variety that I craved during this challenge. I should not go too crazy with edits and simply be more mindful about making future purchases ethical and sustainable.

The Cons

  • I felt restricted by the challenge and my contrary nature did not like feeling compelled to wear anything;
  • Some pieces (such as the summery dress) were tough because they were not climate appropriate.
A big thank you to Sal for setting the challenge and for everyone with your support and suggestions.

The final outfits:

Outfit 1 - velvet pants - worn with beige knit and turquoise shoes and bag - a combination that was different for me but I liked how it came together;

Outfit 2 - cape - with jeans and matching scarf and bag;

Outfit 3 - strappy dress, worn with knit and boots and faux fur bag;

Outfit 4 - challenge skirt - worn with bulky knit tucked in, normally I would not wear a tucked bulky knit for fear of looking like a Michelin Man - but the long skirt elongates the look and I thought it was fine - an unexpected combination that I liked;

Outfit 5 - tartan shirt and red boots - worn with tartan blazer and scarf

Outfit 6 - challenge pleated skirt - worn to a fashion parade, my favourite outfit of the week.