I shop early in the new retail season, and usually stop just after peak season. Then I make sure I wear the heck out of my clothes and ENJOY. So for Spring and Summer, I stop shopping in May, and for Autumn & Winter, I usually stop at the end of November. I'm not enticed by end of season sale merchandise at all.

All that to say that my Fall & Winter shopping starts at the NAS in July, and was continued in August in the Netherlands when I went shopping with Inge in Arnhem. We had a ball. We both got gorgeous and well thought out stash. Here's mine:

  • Cream wool/silk scarf in gold and cream from a fab shop called Sylver. Slam dunk match with my hair, and works with all my coats and cold weather jackets. Works well with my cream booties and tan Furla - (I think in capsule complements when I shop).
  • Olive A-line pullover that stands out at the waist. Fab with white pearls. Different silhouette and colour for me. Really nice fit on my narrow shoulders. Streamlined yet very fluid.
  • Olive dress that is longer on me than on the model. Hits the top of my knee cap. It's long at the back and sides, which gives it more length. Very architectural and voluminous from the side, and only JUST does not swallow me up. The shirt detailing and ribbon placket down the front add lots of vertical integrity and structure. Excellent with my dressy ink blue tall boots, ink gilet and military coat. Fun side entry pockets.
  • Glitzy Bordeaux riding booties that are made in Italy. VERY dark red that they look dark brown, and bookend my new brown specs. These are the replacement for my cognac Pradas. Refined and stunning. Comfy too, of course. I'll get a bag to match in the same shade of Bordeaux, and perhaps a LIGHT scarf with Bordeaux in the pattern - (again, thinking in complements so that outfits are pulled together and polished).

I padded my olive capsule for cold weather, AND have plenty of newness that is not a stretch from my regular sartorial choices. Evolving is some small way every season works for me.

Going forward, I need to watch that my next purchases aren't too dark because that doesn't make me happy.