Great thoughtful additions, they look great to add to your fall and winter closet. The Cos sweater has a lovely shape to it and I have been looking for a cream and silver scarf just like that all winter!!

I also now think in capsules when shopping; it really makes such a difference in having a workable closet!!

Angie, you are semi-right: the dress is available on US site in navy, but all the sizes are sold out.

Wow Angie,what a lovely collection! I have just started thinking of my fall and winter wardrobe in color capsules and it's quite a revelation.

I know you don't partake of alcohol but i hope you don't mind if I say that those gorgeous bordeaux booties make me think of a lovely glass of dry red Bordeaux wine, which is another sign of fall to me. Those dark reds are just so lovely. Loving your olives too!

And how wonderful that you and Inge are shopping buddies!

I can't get past The gorgeous wool + silk scarf...

Thanks, Carla. The scarf is very versatile for my cold weather style.

Isabel, I can't help but choose something that is clean, crisp, polished and neat. For better or for worse, some things never change I guess.

Dianna, come on over. Super Sam and I are ready with tea and cake.

Chris and Sal, thinking of your wardrobe in terms capsules and complements gets easier every season. Glad the method works for you too. It's half the work done when it come to outfit creation.

Tanya, don't you have a COS closeby? Road trip!

Suz, YES. The dress looks great over cropped straights and flares when worn as a tunic. And good thinking on the Burberry scarf. Harmonious for sure. I need a fab Bordeaux bag.....

I like the dress!
You're developing a shirt dress mini capsule.
One of my favourite purchases this year was my chambray shirt dress.

YES, Smittie. My body type is a slam dunk fit for shirts, so shirt dresses are an easy go-to option when they have some length.

Love the loot! My favorite are the boots - different but still you and will add a new splash to your outfits. The scarf is also fantastic. Well so are the COS pieces actually. I am finding your and Inge's shopping adventure very inspiring this morning!

These are gorgeous! Love that dark olive.

A wonderful stash. The booties especially look like they belong in your equestrian capsule. The olive dress with its assemetrical hem also seems a good fit. I look forward to seeing everything in action.

Love this haul. The boots and scarf are my favourites. I love hearing about your shopping trips with Inge. How lovely to have a shopping buddy who enjoys the same boutiques as you.

Jaime, you crack me up. It's high time we went shopping again.

Amy, thank you. Great to see you chime in.

Joy, YES. Their equestrian vibe makes the embellishment less of a stretch.

Style Fan, shopping with fab friends is fun. Therapeutic, in fact.

The dark colors seem too gloomy for you, but when I see your bright colors, I see how they can fit in your wardrobe. They ground the bright accessories, and the bright accessories lift the dark colors. Let's see some outfits!

I was following with the interest evolution of your olive capsule. How you carefully considered and added pieces to it. This is something I would like to learn and emulate. COS shop opened here recently and I have to finally go and check it out.

I love the scarf and the boots are gorgeous!

Lovely haul!

I gotta keep reminding myself that bookending my hair or glasses is a solid strategy. Works so well for you!

I love this new direction for you. Those boots are beautiful!

Wow, wow, wow, and wow. Super fab picks, Angie. I think I would like COS a lot and would like to shop there in person.

This dark olive colour looks bad on me, so the finds don't look appealing, but I've no doubt you chose the right colour for you.
I've become a fan of COS, too, though as it is a recent infatuation, I've no idea if the quality is good yet (I remember your London red dress didn't last long - but is durability still a quality to look for in clothes, I'm not sure anymore).

Sharan, you would LOVE COS.

Isabelle, most of my COS items have lasted well. The red dress was an anomaly. (Did I LOVE it, though. Blast). Thanks for the benefit of the doubt - dark olive suits me, especially when I brighten it with cream.

Thanks Robin, Anchie and Minnie. You're sweet. Check out COS.

JuniperGreen, you make me laugh. You are adorable.

Janet, dead right.

What a gorgeous haul Angie!! I'm sure you will look amazing in all your new pieces!! Love the booties! It's the kind of boots I would buy (approprio, I hope we are not the same size, otherwise I will need to stalk your boot closet!!) I don't wear a lot of accessories, almost no pattern, so much of my edge and interest comes from an embellished belt or bootie!! As you called it, jewelry for your feet!! Enjoy them. They are smashing!!

Just lovely Angie. So nice to go shopping in a different continent with a close friend! I love the colours that you have incorporated. I am really interested by the dress, it looks so modern and elegant.

Great haul Angie, I especially like the Cos jumper and of course the booties! I like embellished booties a great deal

I love these purchases, your scarf is amazing and will light up your face. So lovely that you have these pieces from your trip.

Apologies for the boots in finds - it seemed to randomly get added and won't allow me to remove. This must be a message to mention that new boots are super fab too, the most beautiful colour and like JenniNZ, I like embellished boots.