Ok, here I am in my hotel room, still on some weird schedule, waking up at 4AM. To kill some time I took pictures of my new wardrobe items that were bought during our YLF gathering. Light is not the best- still dark outside but hope you will be able to see details.

Photo #1-#4
7 for all mankind kimmie bootcuts, BR merino sweater, rag & bone lexington velvet blazer. Jeans needs to be hemmed, so they would loose some of the bootcut shape. They are also not very high waisted, more mid high on me. But they feel very good on. I still have some second thoughts about velvet blazer. It is very nice piece but color is new to me and not sure yet how to style it and how well will it play with the rest of my wardrobe.

Photo #5 -#8
blank nyc motto pleather jacket from anthropology. Same concern as velvet blazer. New color and not sure how to style it other than with jeans and black. It doesn’t look good with navy. Any ideas? See the colors in #8

Photo #9 and #10
mother plaid pants. I really like those, they just need little waist adjustment or a belt. Seems very versatile, they have both black and navy in the pattern.

Photo #11 - #14
anthro velvet skinny pants. They are really skinny but hope not inappropriately. I fell in love with the color. Showing here also with rag and bone velvet blazer because it has red dots in the pattern. Does it work?

Photo #15 and #16
Laundry boucle jacket with pleather sleeves. New shape for me, more boxy then my usual choice but I like it and I already wore it yesterday.

Photo #17-#20
veronica beard cropped jeans with gold stripe. Very fun, can’t wait to wear them.

Photo #21-#24
BR wide leg high waist black jeans with patch pockets. This jeans got so much controversy on the forum, so when I saw them on the sale rack, I was so curious to try them just for the fun. Didn’t expect to like them but I did. They can pass as work pants also. Tell me, am I delusional? Also showing new BR merino sweater in hot red.

Photo #25 , #26, #27
Boss pearl gray blazer with red stripe. I was curious to see if it has matching pants and found only one pair in one size, hopefully mine, on sale on my favorite online shopping site. I ordered them on impulse and they are already waiting for me back home. Keeping fingers crossed they work.

Photo #28
spring sweater from BR sale rack.

All feedback, suggestions for styling or missing pieces that would go well with my new staff welcome and appreciated.

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