Anchie, I don't think the velvet pants are too short with the three pairs of shoes you're shown here. Like I asked in stores when you fitted them on first:

Are they too skinny for your sartorial prferences, and will you be warm enough?

I had another thought. You need LIGHT GREY wardrobe essentials that work well with your hair. They will create a column that you can wear under all the blazers.

What an amazing haul! I love all the side stripes. And such a treat to see Angie's follow up advice: the style gears turning!

I love everything...but the blazer with the red, especially with that sweater. And those cream/white boots are fab and make everything you’ve shown look even better! Re the Jeans I think thru look great on you!

Oh! Angie! That is so beautiful and luxe. I’m wondering if I should do something similar in caramel/beige?

WOW! I love all of these. Those red pants are my absolute favorites!

Stunning, Anchie, stunning! Dressed to kill!

Absolutely wonderful pieces and you look fabulous in every shot. I love the blue blazer on you - it is a gorgeous color and the cut is perfect on you. All the jeans and trousers are excellent. Agree with Angie that the question with the velvet ones is simply whether you will wear them - but I think you will! I love the cream booties with everything - makes me want to pull out my (unfortunately not shiny!) pair.

Love your pieces and you look soooo fab! I especially love the wide leg pants on you - amazing.

The gray essentials that Angie suggested would rock your look -

Anchie its nice to see the items on you again, and they all look fabulous! the red jeans I think are a good length-they dont seem too short to my eye. LOVE the side stripe jeans!

Angie - what a brilliant idea to get more light gray - it never occurred to me
I think I am all set and have now the direction for my future purchases. It is going to be so much fun to fill in missing pieces.

You look fantastic! Congrats on the weight loss; it’s great to see you getting clothes that fit your body and suit you.

The first jeans are great. I also love the velvet pants and the wide leg black ones.

Bottoms, especially pants, are harder to fit than tops, and color is key to your style. If you’re having second thoughts about those toppers, I’d take careful notes on what they are and return them. If you get home and really want them, you can order them again (Anthro is in Germany). My guess is that you won’t be looking back.

Replacements for the light grey you’ve shrunken out of sound like a good idea. I think we often shop with an idea in the back of our heads, and you might subconsciously had your other light grey in mind as you picked out the new stuff.

You look gorgeous in all of these. My absolute favourite is the Boss blazer, so I hope the new pants give you a perfect suit. PLEASE also keep the velvet blazer, it is a wonderful piece and will have longevity in your closet. I have a Max Mara velvet blazer from 2006 and it is still as good as new. Whilst I may not wear it all the time, whenever I do, people comment on what a gorgeous item it is. My blazer is in finds.

Anchie, I have a little more practice at this

This is what BUILDING a wardrobe over time is about. Don't rush! You have to think of the items in terms of capsules, AND how the wardrobe works as a whole - through categories and colour palettes for your lifestyle, climate and sartorial preferences.

Carla, YES. That sounds like a great idea. Milk it now while earth tones are trending.

Exceptional fit and colors, fabrics on all the items! You are a lucky girl!!!

Anchie, you look so fabulous in all of these outfits! I love the velvet pants, which I missed seeing in person (you found them after I left the group on Sunday)! They are dynamite with all of the footwear you've shown, and with the blazer, yes! Nice job. And it was so fun getting to meet you and hang out.

Anchie, you look gorgeous in your new pieces! What a truly amazing collection. I love all of them - can’t pick a favorite. Such a wonderful variety of styles and textures. I love the velvet trousers. And fingers crossed for the Boss trousers - it would be a gorgeous suit!

Anchie, I haven't been on YLF much in a long while, but I just wanted to comment that you are looking wonderful, and so stylish!

Anchie, I love all your pieces. It is hard to pick a favourite. The wide-leg BR jeans look amazing on you. I am glad they worked out for you. I love the velvet blazer. What an amazing experience it must have been to shop with Angie!

Like everyone else, I love everything! Lisa is right - you belong in the pants hall of fame. I especially love the plaid with the track stripes. And you just might need all the red pants.

What a great haul-keep the lot cause all looks great on you!
*throws away all the junk food in the house and schedules daily appointment with personal trainer*

Wow! You look stunning in all of these. I really love everything you purchased but my favourites are the new jacket, the plaid pants, the VB jeans, and the BR jeans, but truly, everything is brilliant! I like the velvet pants myself and don't mind the length.

Re light grey -- it works great for me -- is my second light neutral. I know we talked before about types of grey. For me, it is usually easy to find cool light greys that work and I am building quite a capsule (still no pants). Light grey bookends and pulls together everything for me and even if I only wear one piece it seems coherent. "Faux" grey patterns (like your new plaid pants) work equally well. (Finds for various seasons below).

Thank you all.
Suz, this is beautiful gray capsule. I have to admit I find gray difficult color - it is almost impossible to find 2 items in exact same shade of gray, and many grays just don’t look good together. I was usually wearing gray more as accent color in only one item per outfit. I have to see if I can incorporate it as light neutral essential.
I just returned velvet pants. Regardless how much I love the color, Angie was right, they are too skinny to feel comfortable in them. There will be other pants that will work better. I am still low on the pants - only got one pair, plaid mother, and they are also not the warmest. They will be great in spring - I just have to be very careful to stay at this weight.

Anchie, I treat grey the way some people treat black. In other words...even if the greys are not the same, if they are different textures they can often work. Also, if they are different but broken up by colours in other pieces (e.g. a topper) it is usually just fine. And/ or if they pick up the precise grey of your hair (which is often varied itself) then you are usually good. I don't worry about exact match so much as harmonization. I might only wear one grey piece at a time...but even one grey item serves as a foundation along with the hair itself. Then add another key neutral (for me, navy, charcoal, or white) and one key colour (for me, often red, or fuchsia, or bright blue...) and voila! Grey is the glue. Not necessarily the backdrop (though it might be.) Does that make sense?

I'm glad you returned the pants: you can do better, and everything else looked so lovely and cohesive.

Here's an example of non-matching grey that I saw today and thought looked nice:

You did so well!! Gorgeous pieces, every single one. The Boss blazer is my favorite- I hope the matching trousers fit, because that will be a stunning suit.

I am nodding in agreement with everything Suz said about grey in her comment above.