Many times this year I’ve had my finger poised over the ‘submit’ button, as I’ve had to ‘crash course’ online shopping. Some of the time the item hasn’t been available in Canada or has required heroic efforts to secure it. Most of the time, I’ve pulled back out of (misguided?) denial of self gratification.

This year I added 3 items that were ‘lemminged’ and they are all winners. In May I purchased two mesh shirts that were Angie recommendations, but I only pulled the trigger when I saw the dark floral version modelled by Kellygirl. Though she is a smaller size, I knew from the way it fit her athletic frame, that it would work for me - and it did! I’ve worn it 8 times this year, and the leapord version twice. I foresee them being awesome travel pieces when travel is safe. No regrets, and lots of love.

Mid July Roxana posted about a pale floral hoody that worked very well for her. The pattern had great appeal for me, and her description sealed the deal. I’ve worn it a dozen times since acquiring it, and gone back to the site to see if it has come out in other iterations.

Have you lemminged any items as posted by other fabbers in 2020?