What haven't I lemminged? My big purchase were the tall Crave in black after Brooklyn and Diana gave them rave reviews! Talk about comfortable. My only complaint is how squeaky they are--they drive me nuts. I've already talked to customer service about it and am waiting to see what happens next.

@kathie...that is my exact athleta joggers. wearing them right now.

Oh yes, like Suz - because of Suz? And Janet? - RipSkirt!

My closest thing to lemming was a coincidence: a Boden cashmere sweater in the same color Angie picked (I think she has pullover .... I don't think I've ever seen that girl in a cardigan)

I often think about “lemminging” things I see here but seldom actually do it. I do buy several things most years from Angie’s Fab Finds and Round Ups; this year my favorite from those was my Ted Baker bag. I almost lemminged the Rip Skirt, and I’m on the hunt for the right white sneakers. I would also jump on the guitar strap trend if I had a handbag which required one. This blog greatly influences how I dress!

I would have liked to lemming Janet's puffer, such a pretty colour. I haven't been able to find it in a European shop though, and decided against having it shipped all the way here.

The only one I can think of is this cinnamon cardi, which I think Jenava added first. I have been reaching for it *a lot* this fall, so glad I went for it!

I "lemminged" that Old Navy floral hoodie too. Additionally, I lemminged Angie's striped Ralph Lauren striped midi dress and floral J Crew shirt.

KG, those Taos boots should not squeak. Mine don’t!

Janet, you are correct. This RM backpack is something I’ve had for a while now. I think I lemming’ed these Sofft slips ones from you, though you may have grey instead?

Otherwise I think I lemming’ed more in 2019 than 2020. It’s been a weird year that I hardly know how to assess, fashion wise. My needs have been so based on the climate inside my home, which is too hot most of the year, and my impending move. I think I did get these sweaters early on. Both are sadly in long term storage—my need for sweaters is very small right now and I sent at least half, if not more, off with the movers. This apartment is too hot, but we will control the heat in our new home. Sweaters will have their day again soon, as a result!

Only stuff that's worn out or doesn't fit anymore.

I lemminged the rip skirt for a summer piece that may even work with swim pieces. I have only worn it once so far.

I'm unfortunatelly too far away to lemming anything exact item:-( but lemming colors, looks, patterns or prints, kinds and stylings A LOT for sure! Thank you fab ladies!!!:-)

I am also too far away to lemming but all you ladies fabulous style certainly influences me a lot!

A couple years ago I really liked someone’s plaid jacket and got one like it. This year, when that pale floral sweatshirt from Old Navy was one of Angie’s picks, I nearly got it for my mom, along with a jumpsuit. But generally, seeing someone else wearing something is likely to be a reason I would not get it more than vice-versa.

So we’re a source of what not to wears eh? What a thoughtful comment .

Lisa, are you referring to my comment?? Lol—where do you get these things? Is it not clear that I’m not talking about this site—I wouldn’t want to show up at a party in the same dress someone else had on, I wouldn’t buy something I saw someone else in my neighborhood wear, I wouldn’t buy something because i saw someone wear it on TV. As I said generally, seeing someone else wearing something is likely to be a reason I would not get it more than vice-versa. I’d rather do my own thing. Should YLF be an exception to that general feeling? Why?

The subject is “lemming “ of items posted on the forum .

Yes. I don’t lemming things seen on the forum because I generally do the opposite. No idea how you managed to work an insult out of that. Talent, I guess.
Have a good night.

@ fashintern - the term ‘lemming’ does have derogatory connotations, but in the context of YLF it’s tongue in chic - sort of like ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.’

Online shopping can be tough, however if someone does a favourable review of an item they’ve acquired, it can be super helpful to other members - especially if they share similar fit issues. I’ve benefited from the ‘work’ others have done experimenting with new beauty products or ordering a garment. Why not copy cat a great item, if I’m looking for something similar and have hit a stone wall? We all style our ‘lemminged’ garments differently in the end.

Carla is absolutely right. And how wonderful it is to have this forum as a resource for items we might never have come across ourselves. It's opened my eyes to new brands , new ideas, fit , and quality information. I would think it's quite disrespectful to those who post here to disparage this part of the forum. But then again, I'm just in that kind of mood tonight .

Please stop trying to twist my words into something negative when they clearly aren’t. You seem to take some kind of perverse pleasure in challenging yourself to find ways to make something say the opposite of its obvious surface meaning, quite frequently by inventing an insult that clearly is not there. Please leave me out of this hobby of yours. I appreciate your comments on my pix, but not when you try to drag me into these word games, Lisa.

Carla, yes, i’ve been here long enough to be familiar with that, thought it might look a little strange that I don’t participate, so just wanted to explain. And from me trying to explain that I don’t have any negative intentions, el Presto-Chango invented an insult.

comment removed at FI's request.

Oh, but you do know how to get a rise out of me!! I will admit my face was probably bright red just now when I saw you trying to break through the little bit of anonymity our handles on here give us by taking a stab at what my legal name might be. I have never given you, nor anyone on this forum, permission to use anything my other than my screen name on the forum. I’ve got to hand it to you—you are good at instigating, Ms LisaP. If you read my comments at all, you must be aware how tired I get of the little game of “super insider circle” people play by using names other than the screen names posted by our profile pix. So you used it. You are a champ. Slow clap. But let’s stop hijacking Carla’s thread. If you have any more jabs to take at me, send me a dm. And I have to say how surprised and sad I am to see this turn. Was surprised when you started posting on some of my photos, thought you’d turned a corner. Oh well. Maybe things will be better in the new year.

I lemminged a NADAAM cashmere sweater during their cyber Monday sale because the deals were just too good to pass up, and because Angie did a spotlight blog post about them. I haven't opened the package yet because I put it under the tree in a pretty gift bag because it's probably the only thing I'll have to open on Christmas because 2020 has just been weird, and I knew my mama would be sending me a Christmas check (she always does). I'll be doing a review as soon as I actually open it.

Cindysmith, those sounded amazing—looking forward to hearing what you think of it!

Lisa, whenever anyone has used a name other than my screen name on here, I’ve asked them to go back and change it. They generally do. Please edit your earlier comment as well. Thank you!

I don't think I've lemminged any particular pieces per se, but I am no fashion innovator so I would have to say my whole style is "organically lemminged", or else I'd still be dressing like how my mom dressed me

In particular, things like semi-tucks, scrunched sleeves, layered necklaces, etc. are all most certainly lemminged from the various style resources I follow and enjoy.

I am looking forward to ordering a Ripskirt (or two) this spring. I loved them when I saw them here on the forum but didn’t have any summer budget left for the purchase. So am planning on it in a few months when we start to see spring in New England!

And I have to agree with TorontoGirl, in addition to specific items, I get so many wonderful styling ideas here. One of these days I will work up the courage to post a WIW.