I am curious about perceptions of this term, after seeing several people include it in their descriptions of what they are not, style-wise. To me, it means a mix of both "masculine" items (i.e., clothes, footwear, and accessories that are commonly identified as more male) and "feminine" items. An example might be pairing a moto jacket with a pencil skirt, or a pair of oxfords with a somewhat romantic blouse, or a pair of "boyfriend" jeans or cuffed denim shorts with a soft, flowy top, or a menswear-type vest with heels, or a fedora with a summery dress. I enjoy this sort of juxtaposition, so I've included androgynous as one of my style words. It does *not* mean, at least to me, cross-dressing or dressing like a man.

What do other people think?