This is the first season that I have NOT been swimwear shopping with clients. So I haven't seen new swimwear styles on bodies this year. Clients seem to be sorted with their cozzie.

But what they swim in runs the gamut: everything from bra-sized bikinis and tankinis, to one pieces, board shorts, and rash guards. What do you swim in - or "resort" and "beach" in?

I don't swim anymore - just don't do beach and resort holidays because of the grueling sun. (We take the doggies swimming though, but then I wear cut-off denim shorts and an old top and only wet my knees). I DO have a fun retro cozzie that I bought for Arizona a few years ago. I lay under the umbrella in the shade and read my book. It's still brand new.

Over to you. PLEASE provide links of the items when you can.