I have a tankini that allows me to show a tiny sliver of abdomen that still looks good after two kids! I am super body UN-confident in a swimsuit! I feel so much more at ease covered up....even on beaches wear everyone is wearing bikinis.

Also have a one-piece for real swimming and diving that has those slimming vertical lines in the abdomen, like merwoman shows.

I go to the beach sometimes (my husband loves it) but I don't have a pool or do pool holidays. The sun here is very intense and the surf can be rough. I wear a short sleeve high neck rashie from rip curl and colourful board shorts from athleta. Underneath the rashie I wear an aquatic sports bra from Lorna Jane that looks like a crop top. I wear this for support when jumping around in the surf but it also means I can take the rashie off when I get out of the water if I want to. In the surf you are most likely to get sunburned on upward turned surfaces that are not submerged - shoulders, upper back, nose, forehead, upper cheeks, top of the head (especially if your hair is thinning). Lots of people now wear caps, sunnies or goggles in the water here. Lots of adults wear rashies and most kids wear full sleeve rashies. Lifesavers wear rashies. I think the beach wear culture is different here from other parts of the world because of the high incidence of skin cancer. It's normal to cover up.

I wear two piece suits, typically a bikini. I like Athleta because they stay put when I am paddle boarding, water skiing, or kayaking, and are okay for some lap swimming depending on the suit. I am no longer swimming seriously with a masters group so I don't have any one piece suits, but in the past I would collect whatever long torso suits I could find.

I wear a rash guard shirt over my suit. They dry quickly, and don't bother me at all.

I love the beach and the water but hate the sun. I usually wear a tankini and then a shirt on top unless in the water. I think a rash guard is in my future. I also wear a hat in the pool sometimes - believe it or not.

I wear swimsuits frequently - for hot tub in fall and winter and pool in spring and summer. Our pool doesn't get direct sun until about 2 in the afternoon, but I do have one rashguard for later in the day.
I wear high-necked old-lady one pieces, like the pictured here. They are hard to find.
I'd like to get one new suit this year, and I noticed Talbots has several in the style. (See finds.) I haven't seen that much choice in my preferred style anywhere. I may spluge and get two.

I exclusively wear bra-sized swimwear, due to bustiness. One of my tankini tops is below -- I have another I prefer but can't find it online currently! I buy them just in black so that I can mix in whatever bottoms I like.

I wear it sometimes with bikini bottoms and sometimes with swim shorts (also in finds).

Glad to know J Crew swimwear is still up to par! My first-ever bikini (back in high school) was a hot pink one from J Crew -- it lasted a solid decade. I was very impressed with it. I may have to go take a look.

I've not yet started wearing a rash guard, but I always bring a lightweight maxi skirt and long sleeve linen shirt to the beach for when I'm not in the water.

Since I love water, swimwear is an essential part of my wardrobe and gets used a lot.

I wear athletic (one piece) swimsuits for swimming as a sport activity (laps in the pool, long-distance swimming in nature). For enjoying water in a more leisurely manner or in social situations that include water I wear a bikini. (Perhaps bikinis really are a European thing . )

My normal swimwear capsule includes at least 3 athletic swimsuits, and at least 2 bikinis. Preferably one basic bikini with strings, and one with a more athletic bottom (strong elastic that holds the bottom part in place no matter what).

My current selection consists of:
- 3 identical red-and-white athletic swimsuits
- 1 black athletic swimsuit
- 1 bikini (bought as an urgent purchase last month, picture below)

Hi Angie, I am sorry I don't have links/pictures because they are from previous years. One is from Prima Donna, which specialises in large cup sizes, which was key after babies, as well as a lot of ruching in the body, similar to this link,

The other one I wore last year was from Les Ultraviolettes, a French brand, (similar to this https://lesultraviolettes.com/.....-noir.html) although frankly, probably when I try them on this year, they will be a disaster since I probably lost weight, and I probably better go shopping

But I prefer to be in denial about that just now, even if it isn't wise.

I haven't gone swimming in decades and I'm not a sunbather. Luckily, DH is in accord! Despite tanning easily, the back of my neck and upper shoulders are extremely sun sensitive. I'm thinking that maybe when I was a kid I got a sunburn that made my nerves sensitive. In sun, my best bet is a loose, collared linen shirt or hoodie.

Oh, and if I had to buy a suit, I would look for something from Freya in my weird bra size since it is likely give my girls the support they need.

I wear Nike or Speedo one-piece lap-swimming suit.

Interesting to read. I've not swam nor worn a swim outfit since 1986 the last time I was thinnish. I am not comfortable in clothing that is that revealing. I have never worn a 2-piece suit. I also get exceptionally cold in water so I avoid. I do find the retro trends in suits to be interesting and fun for others.

I prefer to wear a bikini, strangely they are just more flattering on me than a one piece. I live on the West Coast of Australia where we have stunning beaches and long hot summers. so swimming is a national past-time. I find black swim suits make me look too pale, so I like a colourful print. This is my current bikini, I like the pink tassles.

I'm still wearing the La Blanca suit -- I have in blue, black, and a blue-green print. For years I've just waited for sales and stocked up. No new suit for me this year as I still have one with tags still on!

I also wear the wick-it wader cover up Kkards posted, but I got it from Athleta. I really like that cover-up; on me, it is pretty long, more like a dress. I've had three now, as they do eventually get discolored from sunscreen.

And I also have a hot pink rash guard that zips up. It's true it is hot to wear, but once you get it wet, it's quite cooling. The one I have doesn't dry all that quick.

I haven't had a sunburn in years because I am religious about wearing high-SPF sunscreen. And we go to the beach a lot, nearly every weekend once the weather is favorable.

My biggest problem with the sun is the skin on my scalp -- burns so easily! I've got a small head so the fashionable hats don't work well (look too big; fly off my head; I've given up!). So I've got a sporty cap from REI instead.

Also in my beachwear capsule:
- Straw beach bag from Jcrew
- Metallic thongs from Jcrew (refreshed often)
- A variety of inexpensive floaty cover-ups: whenever we're in the south, we hit the beach stores and I stock up
- Swim sandals because many of the local beaches here have rocky, not sandy, bottoms
- A really cute, fancier cover-up dress DH got for my birthday last year.
- A pair of quick dry shorts

It's still too cool to hit the beach here, but I just unpacked and organized my beachwear capsule this past weekend!

I'm all about the sleeveless rash guard and bikini bottoms/boy shorts because I know I'll tan quickly so I'd rather have my arms and legs darker, rather than my face and neck.

When lounging by the pool or beachside I prefer string bikinis as I feel I look the best in this style. I am always on the hunt for a one piece but can never get the fit right with these. I am very small chested with a bigger bottom so they don't work on me as I'm different sizes from top to bottom. I found the Athleta Kata short last year and am in love with this piece. It's very flattering and covers me up when I'm paddle boarding.

I like swimming in the pool and at the beach. I have a collection of one piece swimsuit, swimdress, two piece bathing suit and rash guard for different occasions. Here are the pictures.


I got the cutesy print J Crew scoop back swimsuit. I like it a lot but I remembered one issue that may be a deal breaker for some - it's definitely going to show any rolls of fat on the back.

I kind of figure that I'm more self-conscious about other things that show in bathing suits (cellulite), so I might not care. I have another of the scoop backs and haven't thought about it too much. Anyway, your mileage may vary!

During my teenage years I was very self-conscious about my belly and lack of curves, so I wore boring one-pieces or unflattering tankinis (the way my body is built, a tankini is like the worst of both worlds). Now, surprisingly I own a skimpy string bikini from J. Crew, a sturdier high-necked two-piece by Nanette Lepore (my favorite), and a tie bikini with slightly more coverage from Grana. All previous seasons, alas.

I actually bought the brief bottom for my Nanette Lepore bikini first, but it bagged out when wet and I found a side-tie bottom later in the same print which fits much better. I don't like the lower coverage level of string bikinis but the adjustability of fit works well for me.

Of course, I don't go swimming enough to justify 3 sets! Although I love beaches and sun and sand, my SO hates all three But I've accumulated them over at least 3 years and all were on sale so not a huge extravagance!

My swimwear is all old. The newest piece is a rash guard and it was worth every penny. Since I have a full back tattoo I try to do everything I can to protect it from the sun. The closest to the one I have is this one. If I was buying a new one this season I'd opt for a full sleeve version instead.

I really dislike wearing bathing suits anymore, particularly with my 6 inch scars on each upper leg from my hip replacements. However, I am in need of having a suit handy, and mine are all very old. I just received this one from JCrew and tried it on last night. I think I need to size up from a 4 to a 6. It's very cute. Not a lot of support though.

Angie, my suit is very similar to the find!

For when I really need to be careful about the sun, like when I snorkel, I wear a diveskin, which is sort of like a union suit with full leg and arm coverage. Mine came from Dive Goddess.

I've always wanted a pair of authentic board shorts to wear with a tankini top for recreating, like when we get out our touring kayaks. Maybe this will be the year. My one piece suits mostly get used for hotel excursions to the hot tub.