Morning all,

I do have a spreadsheet with my wardrobe in it including purchase date. I find it relaxing to play with.

Outside my nostalgia section (a few evening dresses) I have the following pieces that are still being worn and are over six years old (purchased in 2015 or earlier..) This is about 10% of my wardrobe....

  • The oldest thing here is the black A line skirt which dates from 2008.
  • The green silk blouse dates from 2010.
  • The camel boots are 2012
  • The red leather jacket, black kimono and Bailey dress are from 2013
  • The pink blouse and green tango sandals are 2014
  • The black sheath and pleated dress are both 2015
  • Most well worn - the camel boots have been stellar!!
  • Most loved - green sandals
  • Most dated - Bailey dress
  • FFBO#1 - the black A line skirt has come to the rescue for a few occasions including funerals and functions when I was a Board Chair in a multi ethnic community.
  • FFBO#2 - the pink blouse seems to go with everything and can be dressy enough or casual with denim shorts.

A few of these are pretty lightly worn at the moment - the green blouse, black sheath, Bailey dress, and even the green sandals have seen very little wear over the last two years. The leather jacket, kimono and pleated dress all get regular enough wear without being workhorses.

What do you have in your wardrobe that is six years or older?