Fun topic and really great to see people's beloved oldies-but-goodies! You really do get a snapshot of wardrobe preferences just from that, don't you?

Sally, those Country Road dresses still look smashing on you. Love the kimono and the blouse, too, and those boots are perfect for you. I hope you'll be able to replace when needed.

JAileen, love those sweaters -- the red one is amazing!

I have some vintage items not in Finds -- an evening bag from my MIL, another from my mother, some jewellery from both sides of the family, some of it Art Deco era. I do wear most of it on occasion. But the occasions have been rare during Covid!

Most of my clothing is new since YLF (11 years) because I joined after a large weight loss. That year (or early 2012) I acquired four coats that are still going strong in my closet -- the Hilary Radley wook and alpaca, the Lole puffer, a London Fog trench, and a shorter Theory trench that was a gift from another Fabber who no longer wanted it.

I also bought the cropped denim jacket and the Biba kimono (vintage, dates from the 60s).

I have quite a lot of shirts, blouses, dresses, jackets, and even knitwear that date from somewhere between 2012 and 2015. Some of those will be up for review in my next big edit but most of them still serve me well. I guess my style is pretty consistent.

Ok, here is something interesting, and Sal I don't want to hijack your thread, so if it's worth starting a new one, I can do that ... but I just noticed almost all my older items are "completers" that are rather situational in their usage - neither essentials, that I tend to wear through more quickly, nor "statements" that I suspect I tire of more quickly ... curious if anyone else has observed commonalities between their older items? I can imagine for some "statements" would stand the test of time, for others it might be the quality of the items, etc., and of course many have mentioned sentimental and vintage items ... no right or wrong, just something interesting to observe.

OMG Sloper, I wish I still had my Stiff Records tees!! Not that they would still fit me, but I had them all and I wore them out.

The oldest items that I own and still wear are a pair of gray wool side zip pants from Forth and Towne- remember them? They are warm and light and a little stretchy and I hope they never fall apart. Those date from about 2005. The few Forth and Towne stores were almost all in my neighborhood and only open for about a year. The other item is a black embroidered rayon top that I bought in the nineties, and which has been my rock and roll going out top since then. I only wear it a couple of times a year so it should last me forever!

I also have an indiglo Timex watch that has had at least a dozen new bands on it over the years. I have a picture of me from the early eighties wearing it so it goes back aways.

I have quite a few things in my wardrobe that are 20 plus years old a lot that are at least 10 years old.l don’t tend to get rid unless things are worn out or don’t fit.A denim jacket from 10years ago looks pretty much like a denim jacket bought yesterday so a lot of my stuff doesn’t seem to date.l also run a larger wardrobe than some people which means things don’t tend to wear out as quickly.lve just reluctantly binned some jeans that l bought when my daughter was born.The waistband had finally come away .My daughter is nineteen.

So interesting and I will come back individually soon.

A couple of quick comments
- I have a few vintage pieces older than this, but that haven't been in my wardrobe so long - and I didn't think about jewelry....
- I think pants/trousers and cotton knits are the least likely to be long lived..... they probably do wear out the quickest. And I think trousers/pants/jeans date more quickly than jackets or dresses. And for many of us have more issues when we change sizes.

Helena - yes I agree. My long lived pieces are either evening/occasion wear, or completers that are situation dependent. True essentials don't last so long in the most part, mine tend to wear out in 3 years.

I think that bags that are true to your style do seem to be good pieces to invest in......I used to buy one average quality bag and wear it daily with everything - it would wear out in 1-2 years and I would replace. I now buy better quality bags, rotate them, keep them longer.

Sal, regarding trousers and jeans: My experience is different from yours. For instance, I have 4 pairs of jeans (blue, grey, black and black) that are more than 10 years old, and a pair of red trousers that is more than 20 years old. Each of them are still worn 30-40 times a year thanks to their good quality and soft straight classic lines.

Oh interesting!! I have a ring from the 40s, and a handful of vintage pieces, but I’ve only owned them for a few years or less.

As for MY oldest pieces:

Theory black dress - 2009 or 2010

Frye boots, a cognac boot, a waxed Barbour jacket, yellow Jcrew peacoat from 2005ish. The peacoat only fits over a thin tee, so it goes unworn but I can’t get rid of it!

I donated most of my corporate pieces in 2012 when I became a SAHM. It’s all been rebuilding and adjusting since then

My beautiful lightweight black wool midi coat with the shawl collar that I bought in 1985, and a wide black leather belt with multiple chains by Donna Karan from 1987. Plus a couple of vintage items from the 1950s.

My long lasting pieces illustrated here are all toppers of some kind. And I rotate them all with others, although all have had a LOT of wear -- far, far more than 30 wears each. In fact, the Lole would have had more than 300 wears at this point and the Theory trench and denim jacket are probably at around 200 wears.

My oldest item, besides dresses made for me as a child, is an ankle length skirt I wear regularly still. It's tan with roses on it and somehow it contains almost all my favorite colors and coordinates well with my jackets and many colors of blouses. I'll be super sad if it ever tears or anything like that. Got it in 2005 after I graduated college I think.

I still have three camisoles that I bought at Old Navy around 2002, to wear under fitted v-necks for work. I haven't worn them very much in the past 12 years, due to swapping out that particular job, but I do still wear them occasionally. Two of them are starting to show signs of wear, but one still looks brand new.

On jewelry, I have a couple necklaces that were bought secondhand, one in Paris and one in Cincinnati. Idk how old they are, but I like them. My watch is one I got in Switzerland as an exchange student when I was 16.

I still have exercise gear from the 1980s judging from their boxy cut. They are faded but functional and a bit big but I still wear them regularly. I keep wondering when the stitching will disintegrate and in the past few years have bought replacements, but those tops keep on chugging. At this point I just want to see how long they last. Another decade or two?

The absolute oldest piece of clothing I own is a pair of cut-off men’s overalls aka Farmer Johns from 1969 or so. I haven’t worn them since the 1970s so I’m not quite sure why I kept them other than because they bugged the heck out of my mom.

I would have to spend more time but thought I would just show my very oldest item. My great grandmother wore this bracelet on her wedding day in 1886. I don’t know why I am the lucky descendant who has it, as my mother was not the oldest granddaughter, but they were very close. I have the wedding photo which I have had restored. I keep this wrapped in a “silver cloth” to stop it tarnishing and I do wear it on special occasions.
I wore it to my own daughter’s wedding as I felt it connected 5 generations of women- and now with my 6-month old baby granddaughter there is a 6th generation!

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Oh, Jenni NZ, that bracelet is very beautiful! Wear it often

I don't own anything that is older than 5 years ...well for me ...I do thrift shop so something might be older. My recent dress post included a dress that was 10 years old but I have given that away now. I either get sick of something and give it away or I wear it into the ground and it is no longer wearable so it goes. I am someone who likes change and the most stable time in my life has been while my son has been doing his schooling so I guess that is reflected in my clothing.

Totally forgot to mention an item I was actually wearing! An Old Navy Performance Fleece pullover from 1999. Worn innumerable times - a real winner!

Enjoyed reading Jenni's story on the silver bracelet that is connecting 5 or 6 generations.

However, Sal has stated that she didn't have jewellery in mind when she started this thread. Perhaps we need a separate thread for old jewellery? I guess there are lots of stories to be told.

Jenni, I agree with Nikki—that bracelet is supercool! I hope you make many chances to wear it, and that someone in the next generation or two will take a fancy to it as well.

Thanks for so many gorgeous posts with sentimental pieces in your wardrobe.

Jenni - love your family bracelet, that's very special.

As Donna and Sloper said - some exercise gear lasts a long time.

I was hoping and planning to respond individually but workload due to a crazy start to 2022 has not allowed this.

I was thinking we might be able to derive a pattern ie coats last a long time so it is worth spending more on one - but I think like the forum, we are all different, so it varies so much.

Some people buy less and wear intensely until a piece wears out, other people buy more and keep for longer, some people have lifestyle or body changes that mean buying more and editing more, and some people live in smaller places so storage is harder. It's all good:)

It’s funny, jewelry and accessories didn’t even cross my mind. Separate category from wardrobe for me, I guess! Most of my jewelry is older than I am — lots of hand-me -downs from my aunts and grandmothers. I have some hand-knit hats that my mom made for me when I was a teen, and a couple of scarves that belonged to my grandfather, who passed away before I was born. I don’t really shop for or churn accessories the way I do clothing and shoes. They always fit, and I’m happy to let nostalgia override trends.

Me too La Ped - I have lots of pieces I wear very infrequently, but that I love to have. Similar with scarves - I am adding these very slowly now.

I didn't know what to do with older handknits (I kept a handful of baby pieces) so ended up sending the the hospice shop. I wouldn't wear them and really hope someeone does.

Technically I have some fairly old 'vintage' pieces, but they haven't been in my possession that whole time so I don't think they count.

The oldest piece of clothing I brought here with me (not sure but I think some older hand-me-downs are still back home) was probably my trouser jeans. Had them altered to fit when I was ~16, so I think part of me was still holding onto them just because they still fit. But the forum helped me to finally let go of them this year - the rise was too low for my current preferences, & the hem felt awkwardly short. I just wasn't wearing them anymore, so I hope they went to a good home after I donated them

After that, the oldest piece I still have in my closet (here) is probably a long sleeved top my mother & sister bought for me at 19 (I remember because it's one of those varsity/ college style tees with 'est. nineteen 78' or something like that written on the front, lol!) As you can imagine, it isn't really my personal style lol, so I wear it to bed instead. But the cotton is still holding up, 11 years on!

It's amazing how well some pieces wear isn't it!!

This pic was taken in 2015 and I still have the pink hoodie - it's so well worn and I think I purchased in 2012 or 2013.....

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This is a fun thread! I have many older pieces in my wardrobe. I am not at home right now, but I think my brown suede fringe jacket is the oldest piece. I bought it in the early 70s when I was in high school.
Other older pieces are:
Woolrich sweater from 1985
Burberry Trench coat from 2005
Frye Boots from 2004
Brown Pea Coat from 2003
Cognac Reefer Coat from 2010
Brown Leather Jacket from 2005

There are probably other pieces. I have several vintage bags, and most of my jewellery is older than six years.

I was looking for some gloves and ran across the actual oldest item I have. I had forgotten about this hat. My mother knit it for me when I was a small child. It still fits! My parents bought a Chevy convertible in 1964. Pictured is not our actual car, but the exact model and color (we never had whitewall tires, though). My mother knit us kids wool caps to wear when the top was down. In the SF Bay Area, and especially where we lived, it was often quite cold and foggy in the summer. I guess we looked pretty jaunty piled in the back seat!

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I have been reading YLF without writing for more than a year...but this post so perfectly echoes a recent situation that I cannot not answer.

Last year, DH and me bought our first house and renovated it (hence my relative silence here).
That means I have finally been able to take home all the stuff I had left at my parents' place.

Including the now oldest item in my wardrobe - the Barbour waxed jacket I got for my 16th birthday!
20 years old, and I'm pretty sure I'll keep it a few more decades...

Sorry for being off-topic but ... *waving madly at Aurore* ... So nice to see you! And congratulations on the house!

@Sal - If only there was some magic way to be able to tell which pieces of clothing will last forever in that way, instead of disintegrating in the wash, eh? Especially with online shopping (buying sight unseen)!

@Aurore - Congrats, & welcome back!