What a fun, uplifting thread! For me it has to be my olive green trench made from cotton sateen fabric which gives it a slight lustre. I've had it a couple of years and each time I put it on I feel smart and pulled together, and it seems to look right over everything. Plus I got it half price!!

I can't pick just one.

WOW. Love ALL your pieces. Ooooh. And quite the assortment too. That's brilliant. I send a hug to all your killer amazing pieces.

It feels really good to hear your appreciation for your goodies. We don't do enough of this - just because it's easier to complain about what we can't find than focus on the fab stuff that we do have.

Thanks Elisabeth, Suz, Ingunn and Windchime for hugging my booties with me. xo

Exactly Angie - and thanks for the reminder to just enjoy, and stop fretting . Have a great Sunday everyone, enjoy your coffee, tea, the newspaper and hopefully some sunshine! We are a lucky bunch indeed

That's a great reminder, Angie. Thank you. I am grateful for my cream button-down shirt. It's lightweight, which allows me to wear the sleeves rolled up and feel a little more like fall despite the summer temperatures.

This is great -- I am finding things to add to my list like a Burberry Trench. StyleFan's is 10 years old and looks gorgeous with boyfriend jeans and booties, no hint of early 00s coming from that coat.

Wow, I have a lot of things I can hug, which makes me feel grateful. But today, I am going to hug my lowly, humble and homely Sanita professional clogs.

The fact that YLF liked my outfit with these shoes made me really happy.

Let me count the ways I love these:

  1. I can stand and walk in them for 8 hours without a sitting break.
  2. They go on and come off easily.
  3. They take great abuse, you just wipe them off to clean them.
  4. They protect me from slips and falls.
  5. Because they are comfortable, I can focus on delivering excellent service to our customers. And not be worrying about my miserable tired feet.

I could almost say, the success of our restaurant might be in part due to my Sanita clogs!

CocoLion, you just re-sold me on professional Sanitas. For a while they were my only shoe.

Gah! Only one? Well, I've been surprised by the quality and comfort of my Zara cream cotton corduroys. As soon as they are out of the wash, I am mixing and matching them with something new and off we go! Perfect 'white' transition garment since they are soft and warm.

I'm still crushing on the silver loafers...but you've already all heard lots about them.

Hey there Robyn, you pretty, comfortable, versatile lil thing...Come on down for a great big hugg!
Seriously, the Robyn booties by Munro are probably the most perfect-for-me shoes I've ever found, and this is just the black leather version! I duplicated them in cranberry suede, and they're on their way to me soon via kari. Once I have the best boots ever in an even softer fabric and current seasonal colour, I'll have to dispense hugs even more freely.
Coming a very, very close second is my Club Monaco black and gold envelope clutch. I'm amazed at how much I'm enjoying that bag option after swearing for years that I couldn't hack it.
And in third is either my cobalt dress (that works for me no matter what I weigh), my new pink dress for being such fun, my silky new track pants for being brilliantly comfortable and feeling so elegant, or my tweed cape that goes with everything and literally receives a compliment whenever it leaves the house.
How lucky I am...how lucky we all are...to have the means and the leisure to love our wardrobes so much!

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Earth Atlas booties. I've been looking for a pair of low heeled booties to wear with either rolled up boyfriend jeans or boot cuts for the last 2-3 years. It's especially hard to find a pair of low heeled comfortable booties with a WW forefoot but normal sized ankle. These booties fit, are comfortable, are both leather on the outside and inside, and have a rubber out sole. I've doubled the number of outfits in my wardrobe with the addition of these booties.

My Gap maternity tank tops. I wear one almost every day under a jacket or cardigan and many times I wear them to bed for PJ's . Very soft, long enough to cover the belly and the perfect neckline. I couldn't get dressed right now without them!!

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This thread just makes me so happy!-) Hurrah for all your magnificent wardrobe items that make you happy!

I was going to say my "new" hair, because after the cut and colour in Seattle I am so happy with the way it looks and behaves. I finally have the sassy, modern haircut that works perfectly with (and enhances) my style. So happy that everything is finally falling into place hairwise:-)

But I know that hair isn't an actual "wardrobe item", so I'll go with my new plaid cape coat (my two new pairs of booties, also bought in Seattle, are very strong contenders too, but I can't pick just one pair, so the coat it is:-)

This cape coat is the perfect topper for all the on trend oversized and fluid fit knitwear. And I wear knitwear all Fall, Winter and Spring long, so it's brilliant to have a coat that works with it all. Plus, plaid crazy me smiles each time I look at the fun plaid pattern. Here's to super versatile wardrobe items that put an extra spring in our step each time we wear them!

CocoLion Burberry still makes my trench!!!! If I could figure out how to use the finds properly I would post it. So far I can only post finds that other forum member have collected. This is close. Mine is the classic Trench.

I love seeing all your choices!

Like most of you, I had a hard time selecting one item. I'm going to pick the Barbour Speedway jacket which I bought about a month ago. It's really comfortable (the fleece lining is so soft). It's very practical for a Michigan fall and early winter, and (I think) looks a bit edgy, which is something I always seem to be attracted to...

The soft blouse i am wearing today. It has a cream background and a small black dot design, with a pussy bow. Even though I have gained about 15 lbs this year (sigh), it still fits, looks nice, and I like it just as much as when I got it I think it was 2 years ago. One of these days I'll post a picture ...

I'll nominate my dark red ankle boots.

I have some really great sweaters that I think will be fun, but I've already worn the boots several times and have been so happy with how they upgraded my existing pants outfits--just a small change that added subtle color/interest and a bit of refinement, and also work with narrower pants that were posing a winter footwear dilemma.

Tough to pick just one item, but I'll have to go with my latest purchase, this blush colored pullover. I've been wanting to replace a mauve pullover from a few years back for at least two years now. I was thrilled to find this gem!

I've been loving my zipper-neck sweatshirt from Nordies. Totally practical for my lifestyle and with all of the "style" built in.


Keep the wardrobe hugging going. xo

Mine is my light grey Karen Millen pea coat that it's just gotten cool enough to wear. It was a splurge last year on Black Friday. It's got an symmetric zipper and a few well placed leather details, and I look forward to wearing it every time.