Mine is an accessory, a brooch (from the 30s I think) that I converted into a necklace. I am a sucker for old things and I like the combination of onyx and rock crystal because I bought the piece to acknowledge a difficult event in my life(dark) but also to remember to have hope and faith(light).

Goodness it is so hard to pick a favourite! I will choose my Metalicus Plaza Drape Dress. The design is clever, it's functional, comfortable and dresses up or down easily. It makes me feel great and allows me to take my mind off what I'm wearing and focus on whatever I'm doing and who ever I am with;). It's a "super" dress

Sharon, that's a very cool shirt! And is the Helmut Lang asymmetric bra I spy underneath it??

I have many right now, but if I must choose, I pick my Ara "Jenny" flat red booties. They are extremely comfortable, and they add instant style to any skinny.

I have to say it's my Bulova watch. I wear it every day. Rain, shine, snow, whatever. It has everything I need. I love that it's mixed metal so I can wear it with any of my jewelry. It's small enough to look nice on my tiny wrists and it's very comfortable to wear. The clasp stays tight and hasn't come loose after six years of heavy use. It has angled stem protectors so the stem doesn't get snagged (Happened to more than one of my previous watches.). It has a second hand and a date feature. I just love it. Thanks for making it Bulova, and thanks for keeping me company watch!!

Yes, we all are indeed fortunate. My current favorite is my pair of gray, retro New Balance sneakers. They're comfy and when the white gets grimy I throw them in the washing machine. I get compliments from young people in their 20's too. In the current rainy weather I can wear them with impunity. Yay.

This was a really hard one! But I have landed on my AG Nikki jeans. This was the first pair of premium jeans I've ever bought, AND I bought them without trying them on... went purely by the recommendations of people on here. But they are what I reach for every time I need casual clothes. Soft, comfortable, can be worn rolled or long, love the wash... Worth every penny.

Wow Meredith,that necklace is amazing! I love that kind of jewelry - something that tells an old story...

I feel the need to hug my new color block drapey sweater from Loft. It is truly the absolute perfect top! It is lighteweight enough to wear in our lower 80 degree weather, but will also transition well into cooler temps. The length is perfect for slimmer cut bottoms, but it isn't long enough to be a true tunic-type top. The sleeves are tight enough to provide structure for the extra roomy cut of the torso. I have worn it for work as well as with jeans for a great weekend casual look. This top needs so many hugs... (Mine is navy in the front and grey in the back, unlike the photo from the website.) http://www.loft.com/colorblock.....ter/339306

This thread is such a great read! I love reading about your chosen pieces and particularly that so many have provided visuals. Angie, I want to hug your booties, too! I loved them from the moment I saw them.

It's terribly hard to pick just one piece because I think I've never had as many great clothes as I have now. If this was Summer, I'd chosen the Ted Baker floral top, but it isn't so I have to think… I'm choosing the long grey cardigan that is also a wrap dress from Mette Møller. I liked the idea of a long cardigan, but din't want one that would swamp me, and all the styles I found were shapeless and big until I found the MM one. It is both tailored and fluid and it's like wearing a big warm hug all the time. It can be mixed and matched with so many of my other things, and I love it.

Hmm, first on my list would be a pair of boots. They are Matisse, and the leather is thick and soft. They aren't short, but they aren't knee-high, either. They are a perfect in-between height for me because taller boots typically don't fit over my calves. The heel is 2-1/2", which is short enough to be all-day comfortable, and tall enough to give me a little lift.

The other item is definitely a statement piece, and they are plaid pants. They are soft and fit more like leggings, but the fabric is thick enough that they aren't indecent. And they are so '80's that I want to hug them and wear them every day! Sorry if I am cheating by choosing two.

My Tsubo Fie booties in black. They have been a workhorse since I got them last year and I got a second pair in order to extend their wear. They are very comfortable, warm, have the right heel hight and work perfectly with skirts, pants, dresses or jeans. They are the shoe I wear the most when the weather is cold.
I can only show you the picture of the brown ones and they are not selling them anymore, unfortunately.

What a terrific idea for a thread! I love your ankle boots, too, Angie, and it's fun to see them show up in your outfits.

It's really difficult for me to choose just one item, as I'm in a general state of gratitude for my recently-overhauled wardrobe. It's fun to put together my outfits every single day, and there are many, many individual items which bring me happiness everytime I wear them.

Then the sparkle of my grandmother's wedding ring on my right hand caught my eye, and I knew what I want to write about. It is a diamond solitaire on a thin gold band from around 1920. When my grandmother died in 1981, my mother wore the ring until her own death in 2011. When it came to me, I brought it to my mother's jeweler to be resized, and they said it had been beautifully and lovingly cared for and was in incredible condition for its age. I wear the ring daily, just as I wear my own wedding band, and I cherish how it connects me to my grandmother and my mother.

I can be very particular when buying outerwear, and my newest raincoat is great. It has all the practical details that I need for my climate (waterproofing, a hood, sealed zippers); comes in a petite, shaped cut that doesn't overwhelm my petite frame; and even works well over both my work and casual outfits. It makes me happy every time I put it on!

woven open toe booties. best tjmaxx buy ever. it's a few years old and still my fave. winterize with knee highs or tights. LOVE.

newer version in the finds available at zappos.

SarahTheWhite we are sweater twins! I love the drapey sweater from Loft and have had to ration it's outings the past week.

My favorite item of late is a sweatshirt dress from Loft. I am such sucker for their sales but rarely score anything other than tees. On a whim I added the sweatshirt dress to my cart in a small tall. I am usually medium but Loft being queen of vanity sizing I ordered down. It fits perfect, loose but not overwhelming, not too short. I have worn it twice in the last week (different crowds). Weird I never wear dresses. I am sure this is most likely a fling but maybe more dresses are in my future.


Right now I'm hugging my "Tanya pants". Named so because Tanya found them for me at The Limited when I was looking for ponte knit boot cut trousers last year when boot cut was harder to find. It was near the end of season so they didn't see a lot of use last spring, but now tonight we finally had 65 degree weather and I had an outdoor party to go to. Total love and perfection.

And part of that love is that Tanya found them specifically for me. She messaged me the link because she remembered what I had been needing. The amazement of the YLF community in general, that "strangers" would look out for your needs and try to help, but also the amazement that Tanya found them for me when she was so sick and in so much trouble of her own. So the Tanya pants get hugs on many levels. Thanks Tanya, YLF and Angie for getting us all together.

Haha, Deborah, you have a good eye! I bought the HL bra in July to mark the 1st anniversary of my surgery. It appealed to my sense of irony! And it's kinda cool.

Mine have to be my BFs :). I have two, but I am in love with this ... They are perfectly slouchy without the need of a belt and the wash and distressing are just perfect! I feel cool the moment I put them on Hugging my BFs very close!

Angie, your boots are to die for! The perfect shade of brown plus comfy? Yes please!

My British Wedding Hat! Not the most practical choice, and not the most worn (although I did manage 4 wears this summer!) but literally something that I've been looking for for years, and that I had to go overseas to acquire. And it makes me happy just to look at it.

Sharon, it's amazing, and works brilliantly under that beautiful blouse.

This is such a fun thread, and moving, too. Loving the items people have chosen and the stories that go along with them.

Peri, you get special hug for telling that story. The Tanya pants are aptly named.

And Angie, I join Ingunn in the group hug of your gorgeous boots!

It's really, really, really hard for me to pick "just one." But if forced to choose, I join the Boston jacket brigade with Karie and Janet.

The worst of it is that even there I will need to toss a coin. Which one shall it be? My fabulous taupe Elie Tahari suit jacket with the zipper and leather detail, or my equally fabulous Reiss navy tuxedo jacket? Never mind, I will hug them both.

And thank all the beautiful Fabbers at the Boston meetup, and especially Angie and Sveta, for helping me to choose them.

I can identify one support act that is working extremely well for me: sheer anklets. I used to wear knee-high stockings a lot under all my pants. Since discovering sheer anklets, I love avoiding the extra layer of the knee-highs over my calves with skinny pants.
If it were still summer, I would say my metallic peep-toe booties, but I'm no longer baring toes. So those are not working for me at the moment.

I think my slouchy pull on pants... I havw worn them with peplum top, jacket and heels for work, and tshirts and sandals for play.
Am thinking my just arrived from Nordies Munro Abbys will elevate a lot of outfits too... first outing tomorrow.

I think my huggable item is my Big Star Brigette jeans that Rae sold me as a substitute for the AG Nikkis. I love them so much. I wear them every Friday and can really count on them! I love that they're not skinnies so they're work appropriate. The picture below is not very attractive but it's all I could find.

Mmmmm a hard one!
Possibly my black tee. It is Moochi, and quite simple, possibly almost an essential. But it is so flattering and works with so many of my clothes. I love wearing it.

I love this thread!

Mine is my wool pullover from Scotland. Wearing it just makes me happy. It has the perfect color, is soft and comfortable. And so pretty.

Some fabulous wardrobe items here! Ingunn, that cardi/wrap dress is divine! And I adore that taupe blazer, Suz.

My most loved wardrobe item is actually an oldie; the denim jacket I bought when I first joined YLF 4 years ago. Its soft and stretchy and comfy to wear and gives structure to my summer dresses. When I scrunch the sleeves they stay up, and I love the light wash.

*Hugs denim jacket*

My new Aran poncho... I've been home 3 days and worn it twice... can't help myself...

I have been trying to think of what I would include since I first read this thread. I considered all of the new boots and booties but haven't gotten far enough into fall/winter to know what will be my go to yet.

It finally dawned on me that it is my old navy sweetheart skinny jeans from a few years ago. I have been searching for jeans that fit with a bit of room but aren't baggy and that are a heavy enough fabric with just enough stretch that they don't bag but don't cling. I went to every jean store in two malls while in TO last week and then realized that what I was describing was the pair of ON jeans I had pulled off the closet shelf a week earlier. I went to ON and tried them on as a last resort and sure enough, they fit better than the dozens I had tried on at all those stores.

Yes, great items here! I wish I could be more loyal but I'm going with a new item: my tall frye dorado riding boots in whiskey. The color is luscious and they are so comfortable.

Such fun to see everyone's choices. I know based on my busting at the seams closet (90% of which I would hug right now) how fortunate I am. I think my favorite piece right now is my J Crew merino silk front sweater/sweatshirt. The colors are all my fall favorites, I have worn it with a suit to work and with jeans on the weekends. The floral is such fun.
Here's a shot from this summer (that's how versatile this top is! - 3 season at least)
I recall thinking this was a bit pricey, but I have learned that some things are really worth it.

Hmmm…. at the moment I would say my most useful and versatile wardrobe item is a merino JCrew Tippi Sweater. I have 5 colors now and they are a blank canvas that I can wear with all sorts of bottoms and any accessories. They also feel really nice on. If I had to pick one color, it would be my blush pink Tippi. I love wearing pink.