Most of us are very fortunate and privileged to have a closet full of items that we love. For this thread, you have to pick ONE wardrobe item that is working extra well for you at the moment, in which case you will thank it profusely and "hug" it over and over again right here. It can be any wardrobe item - clothing, undies, sleepwear, gear, footwear or accessories. New or old.

I'll go first, and am choosing my new short cognac booties. They were a splurge - and footwear, no matter how comfy in stores, is never a completely done deal until you've taken the shoes through their paces. So there is always some risk involved when you have fussy feet like I do, and need to walk a lot. I've had my booties for a couple of months and they are SOOOOO comfy. They work with just about all the jeans and trousers in my closet, and make them feel ultra refreshed. Plus I love the way they look and fit. Simple Modern Classic Equestrian was a good call for my style persona. Thank you darling booties for making my feet happy and stylish.

*hugs booties*

Over to you.