Last few days were somewhat cold here - cloudy, raining, around 10 C. I had some very casual errands to run - I wore jeans and sneakers and hoodie, but just didn’t have appropriate jacket for this weather. My only transitional outerwear are either dressy wool coats or trench coats. I already washed and stored away my heavy long dawn puffers that I wore for the same activities in the winter. I ended up wearing my trench coat and was not warm enough. I would probably have been better in a wool coat but it just seemed wrong for such casual activities. Or maybe I just associate my wool coats with office wear. In a week or two I will probably not need a coat at all. Last few years April was much warmer that I went straight from puffer to jeans jacket. I am not even sure what type of jacket I need, if at all. Parka, rain jacket, light puffer, gear jacket, peacoat, leather moto? So my question to you all is what kind of jacket or coat you wear in such transitional coldish weather for casual weekend activities?