That’s a very pretty shirt , Irina , and it looks beautiful on you . I can’t deal with white shirts at all . I’ve given up trying to make them work . My wardrobe saviours in the summer are black dresses : when it’s too hot to be interested in creating an outfit ( which has been all of July here ) , the 3 I have have been my go-tos for work and running around .

That shirt is fantastic on you! A white shirt is one of my wardrobe heroes too. I own three and keep wanting another. But I just realized that I only have one bra I can wear with them - a mismatch in supply and demand! Thanks to your post I’m going to stop by the store to find another light colored bra.

Irina, I can completely relate to your love relationship with white, crisp shirts! I could not live without them. I, too, wear them year round, often adding a layer over them in fall and winter. I tend to wear contrast well and therefore enjoy the contrast created between the bright white and black, slate grey, deep blues, and deep jewel tones. I also love how they brighten up denim, a cool khaki, and taupe. As with you, I also collect all shapes, fits and styles. You can see some of my own favourites below.

I love the way you are wearing one of your white shirts in the photo posted. You have a beautiful way of styling and bringing harmony to your outfits.

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Evie, what a beautiful collection of white shirts! I always wanted a long one!

Thanks, everyone for all kind words!

My fellow white shirt fans - happy to hear about love and appreciation of your “wardrobe hero”. Glad we share the same passion

Long white button-front shirts, worn open as toppers, are among the heroes in my summer wardrobe too. (I wear them over tank tops and other sleeveless tops and over simple summer dresses.)

Other heroes in my summer wardrobe are pretty knit/knitted shortsleeved tops, breezy midi skirts and nice Birks style sandals.

I do love white blouses and own a few, but they do require a level of carefulness that does not come naturally! Your white shirt outfit looks fantastic! My heroes this summer are all in the shoe department so far!

What a beautiful shirt! Ah would that I looked good in a crisp white shirt! My heroes are really probably my long long coats. They feel like me, that’s the thing.

I do own a white button-front shirt, just need to figure out where I put it, darn it!

Your shirt is perfection, Irina!

I had a perfect-for-me white mandarin collared popover a few years back. Still mourning it and have yet to find a worthy replacement.

I’m not above diy-ing a mandarin collar. Just cut the fold-over off an olive button-front last night.

Ryce, this is exactly what I did to my black linen button down shirt - took off the collar and asked my tailor to stitch the remaining part shut to get a mandarin collar.

I am in winter, and each day I gravitate to my jeans and simple knits - my wardrobe heroes, comfy and practical.

You can have my share of white shirts, they suit you well!
Mine is black pullover tops- sleeveless for warm weather, long sleeve for cold. I use black tops in every capsule- sleep to dressy- except cycling. Probably nearly half my tops, including the ones I sleep in, are black.

I'm also team white button down shirts! I've had to introduce more black since having kids, though. I will be keeping an eye out for your WIW posts. I'm looking forward to seeing more of how you style them.

My wardrobe hero is a warm white tee or shirt. Your white button-down shirt looks fantastic on you. I like a good white shirt too, but I find white is a bit too stark a colour for me. I look for warm cream or ecru colour tops. I have quite a collection. I don't think I could get dressed without one of those tops.

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Your featured white shirt is gorgeous! I love the bib detail and the curved hem--both really elevate it.

I have several white shirts but don't tend to wear them on their own, except for a short-sleeved linen one that's a workhorse in the summer. But this thread is inspiring!

This summer my wardrobe heroes have been very lightweight cotton voile, patterned, band collar shirts.

Like Style Fan, I have a lot of white and cream and ivory knit tops. Still can’t find that crisp button-front shirt though!

I also admire your white shirt here, Irina! Can you tell me where did you wore this outfit and for how long? How many celsius degrees are there???? (I am melting right now, in 32°C-i and I just couldn't bare long sleeve and jeans...:-() but I have hard time with white shirts ingeneral, kind of given up on them for me. Then I am still buying and trying hard making them work for me...I like them is theory-but then I am never that of a minimalist girl to be pleased how it looks on me. I have curves and wide shoulders and at my size UK14 a white shirt is really a big volume of whites :-(-- am low contrast, have some barely there thinning very short blonde hair and wear specs-and probable I am not at all that of a pristine and crisp person-and my posture is also not the greatest as I would like but working on that:-).

lyn67, thanks! I wore this shirt to go to a couple of shops, I was out for about 2 hours. We are having a glorious summer this year, only a few hot days so far. On that day it was +23 or about, hence long sleeves
I believe there is a white button down shirt for everyone, just need to find it. Yours might be a long, tunic style in thin cotton or linen.
Once I put on a white shirt, I don’t care how pristine it will stay, I’m fine with wrinkles and generally forget what I have on

Irina - that's an awesome shirt. Love it. I don't wear a lot of button downs but I adore a tuxedo shirt. There's something that just strikes me as cool about them. I have an old JCrew Thomas Mason shirt with a wing collar that I save for dress. But I just ordered another that is collarless. I find the pleats in the front keep it from being too transparent although I like the material because it's thin but not incredibly sheer the way a lot of dressy white shirts are. I always feel like I'm channeling my inner Meg Ryan in French Kiss. I was impressed how her outfit because a capsule wardrobe between the white shirt/white tank/and blazer. Just proving how versatile a few pieces can be.