To lisap

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Would you stop?!! Lol.

Lisa, what you just wrote in your last comment on page 1 on your thread is sooo true. It's times like that I truly believe that you are turning the corner and maintaining a more positive body image. This makes my heart happy, and I hope it does yours too.

As for the jeans - yes, the roll is more casual. Perfectly acceptable for your work setting too. But hacking will give you a better length without the roll, so I'm inclined to encourage the hack.

Just remember to hack with care.

Cause once you hack you can never go back.

No worries I'm here all night. I'm corny. Maybe it's time to say goodnight. He hehehe

Angie - it's an ongoing process . I'm a perfectionist and also very particular yet insecure about my appearance . It's the way I am with everything I do . Always questioning and always wondering if it could be better . But yes , this body is mine , and it is a gift . And if my mother ever heard what went on in my head , she'd be devastated . I can't be that person . She deserves better.

Ledonna - I'll go to bed if you will . You're a nut. In the best possible way

Fantastic, all of it. Love the jewelry especially, and the new parka is great.

Shopping Haul!! Woo hoo!

But what, no Steph? Toronto! Oakland baby, all the way!

Steph Curry is a mere child .

I don't even watch B-ball but Steph is so cute but his daughter is a scene stealer.

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Your boutique even set aside a boyfriend for you? Such service!

What a great parka! Before looking at the pics, I mis-read cupro as cuben, was unsettled to think that that textile had made it into mainstream fashion. The parka is perfect in cupro!

You rock the white jeans Lisa. I have a pair which I haven't worn yet. You've inspired me to try them with a black tee.

Your jewelry is divine. I'm loving the cuff.

The white jeans look great on you and I like the way you have paired them with the t-shirt and jacket. You look really polished.

I too feel like that about clothes when all the street pictures in pinterest are these thin young people. Anyway my new motto is that "I'm embracing health" whatever that looks like.

Love the new jacket, and...OMG you do really look fab in those white jeans!!!

Love everything about this outfit. I so want that ring. But I have a strict rule about jewellery. I have too much. You look gorgeous. The boutique owner is a gem.

Gorgeous- love everything about this outfit!!

What a great outfit! So perfectly executed. I always feel fab in this type of silhouette, so slimming and forgiving.

Fabulous...and I think your hair looks great!! I especially love jewelry that's edgy like what you're showing here.

Ledonna - love your sense of humor!!

Lisa, I edited my reply to add a photo of a bag I have coming. I couldn't find this color in any regular retailer, so my favorite boutique in Sheridan, WY ordered it for me directly from HOBO. She gives me a 20% discount (yippee). I really wanted an orange bag for summer and I love the Hobo pebbled leather.

Love, love, love. What else can I say? I think I ordered those sneakers earlier in the spring in silver and loved them but didn't order the right size and couldn't find the right one online....maybe I should make a trip to your neighborhood boutique! (the airfare/commute would make it a little pricey). Also I'm feeling VERY thrilled to have learned to channel your fab style just a little!

Sally, I'm stealing your new motto, it's PERFECT!


Seriously, I want to run out and buy something so I can look more pulled together. I know, I know, this is NOT the YLF (or mature) answer here. I should simply be able to admire you. But when I look at what you put together, I think: my style? Ugh.

I love how polished you look and how pulled together, all the time. So, so powerful! So beautiful! My lord, woman.

I know you are all excited about the new coat, but that trench! I could spend my entire life and not find one that looked like that on me. It's the perfect fit, and you wear it -- and everything it seems, with such insouciance. (I think that should be one of your style adjectives.)

I'm just going to sit on my hands and will myself NOT to go back to the mall on my way to the airport. I want a blazer "like Lisa would wear" really, really badly right now.

LISA!!! Just shop for me already. Magnifique doesn't begin to describe how fab you look. You are truly an inspiration in your style and attitude. And know there may be an outfit twin walking around my neighborhood soon, or as close as I can get to twinning.

Wow Lisa, this is stunning! You wear everything here so well, and every piece is beautiful. I especially like the jewelry and that amazing anorak. I have just decided I need to save for a similar sporty-yet-elegant coat next spring.

Wow - what lovely words to sit down to this morning! Just when you least expect it, the words that are meaningful and supportive come raining down. This is just jeans and a t. Seriously. But I'm so glad to know it looks better than that. And there is NO SUCH THING as too much jewellery - lol. Just ask Janet !

As for the white jeans - I am happy to know that they are sparking something in those of us that aren't a size 2. I may never take the dumb things off Thank you all so very much - I really put myself out there with my reply to Maneera (I admit I had had a glass of wine while reading and writing it) and although I don't always feel that way, I am trying to make that attitude my default.

What everyone else said :-).

Agree, Steph is a mere child and yet he is SO INSANELY GOOD. How?! My household adores him and his cutie-pie little girl, especially after he donated his car to Covenant House!

Una - I know. He is cute , in that boyish way, and an outrageously talented shooter, and his daughter is cute and blah blah blah but , RAPTORS.

Una, he donated his car last year, too.

oh sure, I suppose he donated a kidney too.

Lisa, you are a Torontogirl at heart!!!! Love it. Go Raps!!! Lowry is a class act. Amazing work ethic and determination.

Love the magnifique top, and as usual your accessories steal the show. Gorgeous!