The reason I buy Aquatalia is because they make weatherproof footwear. Well - they don't.

During our Seattle Snowmegedan last month, I wore my Aquatalia riding boots in 14 inches of snow in our hood, walking around like I usually do. The boots were fine in dry snow. Not nearly as warm as my fleece lined hi-tops, but my feet were dry.

Then I wore them to walk to an appointment I had about two miles away across a VERY snowy and slushy Seattle (up and down a lot of hills). I had soaking wet and freezing feet after twenty minutes and the worst blisters of my life. And yes, I had to walk back home after the appointment!

Greg walked with me in his Caterpillars - and his feet stayed dry.

I expected my Aquatalias to keep my feet dry in that type of snow and slush - is that unreasonable? Were my expectations too high? At this point, I don't want to buy Aquatalia again. My Sperrys have been SOOOO much better.

ETA: Thanks SO much for your thoughts, ladies - especially from the snow pros! Now I know what to expect and not expect. I will not give up on Aquatalia.

To be fair, I forgot to mention that I wear these boots in POURING Seattle rain and my feet stay dry. Dry snow was fine too. Slush = DISASTER. I needed proper snow boots for that commute. Lesson learned.