Do you ever look at photos of what you've worn and cringe? Normally I'd not post these, but I was so frustrated by this whole outfit, by the time I got home from work I wanted to throw the whole lot in the garbage. But - I am determined to make this skirt work and would appreciate your constructive criticism.

First off - this sweater is simply too big. The shoulder area in the third photo isn't my body - it's a stiff-ish bad-quality cashmere sweater that doesn't drape well. And the colour is not great? I don't know though - open to comments on that. It was also too bulky to semi-tuck well, which I know is the thing to do here. The sweater creased once I put my coat on - and stayed that way all day. UGH.

The skirt . I imagined it to be longer on me the first time I wore it (didn't take pictures and didn't spend much time analyzing myself in the mirror - feeling super pudgy and fat these days after almost 2 months of no exercise = broken arm) . Is it too short? And I really don't care for boots here - too many horizontal lines on my legs what with the skirt hem and the boot top. The model is wearing nude that what I want? I had no time to change at that point and had to go out like this.Skirt also full of static electric and stuck to my tights. UGH.

The boots. Wrong. I don't own tall boots I can stand in all day . Not sure I want to buy any either. But is that the solution here?

The coat . The colour worked well, but I wasn't convinced about the length and it's too cold to go shorter. I don't own a longer coat.

I liked the scarf and earrings and makeup combo - although I'm sure my forehead isn't that big in reality . Lol.

One of those days. URGH.

So - the goal here is to figure out how to wear this skirt to flatter me -if that's possible.

Coat - Maison Scotch - 3 or 4 years old.
Skirt and sweater - H&M - new
scarf - random import bought yesterday at nail salon
earrings - N&S
boots - Hudson Bay Design Lab - new this winter

Thoughts and ideas??

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