Me, they are my best neckline. I determined last NAS that if something works on you and Suz it will not work on me.

I don't wear V-necks, so unfortunately, I too have to pass many dresses and tops. I have got used to it through many years, but some seasons seem more difficult than others. I really appreciate it when I find dresses and tops that suit me.

That said, I am glad on behalf of the many women who look great in V-necks. Fine that they have many items to choose among.

You are right Angie ,there are a lot of v necks around this year and a lot of summer black.Neither of which are particularly my thing,l m a high necked girl usually although If I do wear a v neck I will fill the space with a scarf.

V-necks are not my best neckline -- long neck, long face, and proportionally smaller on top. I used to avoid them completely, but I've found that with an oblong scarf looped around the neck, it hardly matters what the neckline underneath looks like. Works for me because I like to wear scarves anytime I might be caught in frigid A/C, which is pretty much anytime it's above 70 degrees outside. :/

Team v-neck all the way!

I know they never really go out of style, but when they are having a moment, I'm ready to stock up!

Some wins below.

(Btw: the red wrap sweater and pink popover are Halogen and Vince Camuto from Nordstrom. I was having issues with the collect button back in January.)

I am definitely pro v-neck. I look forward to the trickle down effect at the thrift store .

Oh, I love a short and shallow V but wow, those are tough to come by. My favourite neckline is a slash or not-too-open boat (i.e. it can't be sloppy -- has to stay in place on my small frame). It's by far the most flattering on me (apart from a shirt collar or a t-neck).

I'm also leaving tops and dresses on the rack this year due to the V and also to the wrap (which usually involves a V, plus fuss-factor). But fortunately I'm not in great need of summer tops and should manage fine this year with what I already own.

I have been regretting the v necks too. Not a good look on my very small bust and possibly long neck. Many are so unadorned too - if I am going to wear a v neck I want surrounding collar or ruffles, or the very high wrap top effect.

No to V - necks for me, unless old-lady crepey neck and chest skin becomes trendy. I may invest in more collared shirts instead.

Too bad I’m not in shopping mode at the moment. V-necks are among my best looks. Maybe I’ll check some out when I’m back home.

With my short neck and full bust, you would think V necks would work for me, but I think my narrow shoulders win out in that contest unless the V is collared and narrow and shallow or wide and shallow. My best collarless neckline seems to be a boatneck or bigger crewneck that shows at least some collarbone.

The V is not for me. It took me a while to find out why some tops didn't look good on me. I don't have a long neck but I have narrow shoulders. Almost all my tops are crew.

V-necks should look best on me but I'm not sure they do, anyway, I wear both - as long as the vee isn't too low or the crew isn't too high

Me! I'm at the point where skin next to my face is better than fabric, and my chest is still in decent shape due to sunscreen and sun avoidance. I had been wanting a blush top, but I don't look good in watery pastels. I found this apricot top at Loft that will be my blush. I put it with olive skinny jeans. It will also go with white jeans, my summer staple, as well.

Tiered Bell Cuff Top
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I look best in a v neck. I’m not doing a ton of shopping to find this right now, but did collect both a v neck and a wrap top earlier this season. I tried this top on in other colors, but only this one sings to me and makes me happy.

I'm with you, v necks are not my thing. I own very few of them. Stick with what you love, despite the trend!

I love v-necks so it works for me!

I prefer high and narrow necklines. They are the best complement for my long neck and long narrow face. In fact, my face is barely wider than my neck, kind of like a Q-tip. I’m happy my ears provide some width! The top of my bra almost always shows when I wear a v neck. It leaves me with the amusing and false thought that my chest is situated too high on my torso. Since I love wrap dresses, I wear them with a tank top or cami. The V Necks and ruffles this spring/summer have made it easier for me to stick with my budget!

This just shows you can’t have everything. Midis are trending, and flat comfy shoes, and your good colors too!

Now i want to find a new V-neck in one of MY good colors, which are so not trending now.

I like v necks as long as they are not too deep. However, I have gotten so used to wearing crew necks that it will be a bit of a change to add in the new neckline. Like Suz, the shallow v is my favourite.

I can't say I mind them

I love v neck on wrap dresses, other than that i think scoop ore crew work better for me

Hmm... Re V-necks not suiting you, have you considered either developing a hairy chest or getting a chest tattoo, Angie ?

I know... Early days yet !

:0 Cee!
*bleaches brain to get vision out of my head- doesn't work*

I wonder, other than wearing a cami or a bralette under a Vneck, are there any other hacks to make them work for those of us who don't wear them well? For instance, would a structured topper with a collar (like a denim jacket) help break up the V? Or, would you still be faced with a giant island of chest?

If anyone could pull it off, it'd be the Angie

Hmm... Just puttin' this out there...


Cee and Suntiger, I have a hairy chest when I hold Sam close.