Now that September is upon us, I'm starting to think seriously about wardrobe holes/ needs for the season. My NAS was fairly light and basics-heavy (i.e. undies/ bras). I am happy with my purchases. The lightweight red sweater became an instant workhorse. I've already worn it 15 times (or more). I probably won't wear it much in winter (too lightweight) but for late summer/ early fall/ spring it turns out to have been exactly what I didn't know I needed!

For the first year in a while, I was not happy dressing for summer. I missed my usual dressy opportunities. (Mr. Suz and I did not get away this year for our usual theatre jaunt, and I was not able to attend WritersFest summer events.) So I sadly did not get to wear my occasion wear. Our weather was wet, wet, wet, and chilly most of the time. I had to do a lot of car travel so fell back on older pieces (tube skirts) that work well for that felt a bit dated, or in any event, didn't make me feel fab. I did take a short trip to the Maritimes where we enjoyed gorgeous weather the entire time, but that was strictly casual.

For fall, my activities will be once again be mostly casual. I'm back to school, and taking a class which will involve lots of walking and outdoor excursions. I'm still working from home. I do have one evening presentation to give onstage in early November, and I will be attending a few dressier events in late September. I'm also hoping for a trip to Montreal with Mr. Suz in late October, where I will dress up in the evenings.

My shopping list so far looks includes the following:

  • A soft grey cardigan, long (to replace a worn out one).
  • Patterned pants or jeans?
  • More casual chelsea or moto boots, weatherproof — for walking. Needs good arch support -- to replace Blundstones which aggravate my plantar fasciitis. I need to get on this requirement SOON as my Aquatalia Sweeties are now past renewal.
  • 3 basic fitted turtlenecks, preferably merino — navy, black, grey.

Holdovers from last year that I could still use more of:

  • Bright colour (red, royal, fuchsia, etc.) in tops or scarves.
  • A few more cropped tops/ sweaters.
  • An asymmetrical or other dramatic sweater.
  • A few interesting belts.

Peacoat — not a short jacket but a mid-thigh coat (this is a MAYBE, not an immediate need).

I'm still considering the EF asymmetrical's on sale again and I am wondering if it is worth ordering. I am worried it will feel too long for me, even in petite?

Also wondering what else I might consider for the fall/ winter, to round out my closet. Of course that will become clearer when I do the switchover (probably this weekend) to a more transitional closet.