Suz - I tried on that lightweight sweater and decided I couldn't even justify that. I did like it though.

I hope you work in a few dressy occasions for yourself, as they can make you feel great to dress up.

Delurked, your strategy for winter buying is kind of like my strategy for summer buying. I would really love to have a whole closetful of light sleeveless tops and dresses, but realistically, I can manage with a few of each and really don't need to buy a lot each year. One per year is truly enough. But that doesn't stop me wishing I had more opportunities to wear them! I hope you enjoy your travels and the chance to wear some cool weather clothes.

Hi Suz, Great to see you! I love the Comrags dress on you! This is the season to buy red, and I do think it looks great with grey of all sorts. Good luck since I have no practical advice whatsoever !

What about something fun and frivolous? Any possible wild cards?

You're very methodical in your wardrobe planning. I should follow your lead. During NAS, I went crazy. Eventually I came to my senses, but I bought too much stuff. Way too much. Most of it went back.

I really like the coat Angie suggested. I love boiled wool. It's so warm yet lightweight. And red!

Hey Delurked, it was only 99 here today!

Our evening dog walking required a jacket! In the 40's already. Maybe it is time to pull out the fall items. You are so organized for your fall shopping. My list has been too much ignored, especially for replacements in black. Maybe let is time to move on.

Suz as usual you provide such great inspiration and ideas for cold weather dressing. I also love your approach to each new season and am working to teach myself how to do something similar. Of course I live in a similar climate to you so I could just be a totally wardrobe lemming but I don't spend as much time commuting on foot and my hair color is different but still your ideas as choices are awesome and a great starting point for me.

And thanks to you and inge and everyone else who posted all the great sweater choices!

That is funny indeed:-) It's also another reason why your posts are always extra helpful for me: because we tend to like the same colours and items. Exciting that you have some brick-and-mortar shopping time next week. Do keep us posted?

Suz, you need some wild cards....

Totally agree, Angie. Not sure yet what they might be. I think I need some bricks and mortar shopping. My red pants do somewhat count as a wild card. Within my style signature but a wild colour.

I was also hoping for a printed pant/ jean. That's not exactly a wild card for me but I have been without for a few years, and happen to love printed bottoms. I mean, I do have my glen plaid wide legs, but that is a false plain.

YES. There you go. Red pants are your wild card for sure - since you were off bright pants for a while, especially. I'll suggest wild cards for you as I see them....

I love that dress on you! I am lucky they don't sell it here or I might try to copy you...
You have a good plan for Fall shopping, it will be fun to see how it develops for you.

A wildcard can be a new-to-you colour too.

Wow, you look wonderful in the dress.

I've been very busy in August and had no time for wardrobe planning or shopping. Usually I start Fall planning with shoes and outerwear, because they're the most expensive and take a big chunk of my budget. Then I review bottoms. Tops...I usually have too many, and tend to shop for them without planning to

Oo do keep us posted on the hunt for short boots as I'm similarly in the market