In September I posted about looking for dark brown items for fall/winter. Inge provided a bunch of great suggestions, and I've been trying
some things, but have not kept any. I thought I'd give a brief review of the ones I found and rejected in case others are looking too. The original posting is here:

The "hat attack" scarf had too much red in it for my liking, kind of toward that mahogany color La P is loving this season. The "collection" scarf was perfect color-wise but a very thin fabric that won't drape well and I prefer more substantial scarves. The Levi's jacket fit was typical for moto jackets in regular sizes on me...if the shoulders fit, I can't get the zipper closed at the bottom. I need petite sizing. The Joseph Seibel booties didn't fit right; the heel fit was right, the top edge was almost too tight on my ankle, and there was too much room above the toe. The Style&Co sweater was too tight in the torso and a little too long overall in the size I tried. The last scarf was pretty with a bit of a gold sheen to it, but I decided I'd rather have a more colorful scarf where the dark brown is one of several colors. The brown loafers were wonderful (and a top pick in a lighter color), with a bit of a shine, but I've decided to focus on booties instead because they will get more wear in my climate. I looked at the cross body bag in person and the color was more like cognac, very similar to a cross body I already own.