I would really like to find a few chocolate brown items this fall. Loafers/booties, a bag, a long cardigan or jacket, maybe a sweater, all in a polished casual style. I had a similar want/wish last year at this same time, but didn't end up finding anything to my liking.

Angie posted a year ago (Sept 2018) about chocolate brown being a trend, but I did not see a lot that interested me....

Also last Sept, Angie posted this...although her preferred browns were a bit lighter than what I'm looking for.
What I'm

Inge oh-so-kindly hunted down more darker brown items, also last fall,

The blouse and larger scarf finds below are no longer available but they show the COLOR I'm looking for. The smaller scarf is the right color too but not a scarf size I want just now.

Are you seeing chocolate brown items in stores or online yer? Any idea if it's going to be a trend this fall? I'm hoping it's just a little too early, and that items will start appearing soon.

ETA: Inge has gone wild and found LOTS of chocolate brown items!!! I've collected as many of them as I can here (plus a few I found) so if folks come back to this topic later they can see them all in one place.