In a recent thread, donating/passing on garments that were in perfectly good shape, but no longer loved - and then replacing with similar garments, was questioned by a member. The issue of wardrobe churn, sending things to thrift, and emotions was raised. Since the topic of editing for donation was tangental to the original thread, I thought I would start a new thread - and provide my thoughts on the topic.

Reasons for donating: if a garment is in wearable shape, but no longer works for me, I will donate it to a charity. I will donate items that:

-don’t fit (too large or too small)
-don’t feel good (physically or emotionally)
-outdated style/doesn’t support evolving style direction
-bored with it (not getting worn)

The emotions: Though I might feel bad about having made a purchasing ‘mistake’ when something doesn’t work for me and regret sunk costs, I don’t feel bad about passing my clothes along (and would hope no one would) and going on to something new. You see, I’ve been the beneficiary of folks wishing to recycle their garments.

Recycling: I routinely shop thrift stores, and currently have 10 pre-loved items living in my closet. Additionally, Since 2020 I have converted 45 cotton button down shirts into mask facings after discovering 100% cotton shirting makes the softest linings to wear against the face. Each shirt yielded enough fabric to make 10-12 washable masks, which were then given to friends and family or donated to charity. Since the demand still exists, I make 2-3 dozen masks each month - so require 2-4 shirts each month.

My numbers: so far this year I’ve donated 15 items that no longer worked for me (and tossed 5 that were worn out). My size is stable, so I’m not storing items that don’t fit (unexpectedly shrunk, stretched, or bought online and can’t be returned) nor will I keep items that I have to ‘force’ myself to wear and don’t make me feel fab. However, I’ve removed 23 items from 2 local thrift shops - 2 garments (in Finds below) and 21 shirts used to make masks (see pic of mask facings below). The thrifted garments are all enjoying a new life, and the money I paid for them support the causes of 2 different charities!

I hope folks with good, wearable clothes continue to donate them to charity shops, without any feelings of guilt or remorse at doing so.

Pic blow - some of my personal masks, showing the facings - recycled cotton shirts.

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