I just updated my Pinterest boards with some new purchases and had a strange realization: 2/3 of the clothing I've bought since summer is from Uniqlo! I guess they really are the new Gap for me: versatile, high-quality, natural fibers, and most things come in black...

Have you found one brand taking over? Do you try to put the brakes on it before it goes too far? I go through phases of focusing on basics and it might be time to seek out a few special items to balance it out.

Basic or not, I love almost every one of these and they're basics with a bit of style. A lot are from the recent Uniqlo U line which was directed by Lemaire in some way. They filled a lot of niches in my wardrobe. So, I'm putting this all solidly in the positive category -- I just hadn't quite noticed what a trend it was!

(I'm including Finds for images but alas, almost all are sold out.)

Uniqlo U:

  • wool milano-knit sweater with a distinctive boxy cut that is somehow flattering
  • 70s-esque crewneck tee of the most amazing thick cotton - I wish I could have bought four, and some in white, but they sold out
  • fitted button-down shirt, something I'd wanted for ages
  • long button-down tunic, ditto
  • denim A-line midi skirt - I don't know yet if this one is in the "love" category, as I waffled too long on keeping it and missed the return window

Regular Uniqlo:

  • men's flannel shirt that I could wear every day
  • sleeveless tunic-length tee that is instantly flattering
  • v-neck tunic tee, same (not shown because I couldn't make a find)
  • boxy boiled-wool sweater coat that is admittedly not (conventionally) flattering but I wear it at least once a week

If I added my new R13 jeans to this set, it would almost be a perfect capsule wardrobe!