I'm wearing my new Uniglo Heat Tech leggings underneath my dress pants today. I love the way they feel and fit. That was $ well spent!

I dream of one-stop shopping...

I like Uniqlo too. It's my go-to place for work clothes. Whenever you see a jean with "Kaihara"denim on it, buy it! This is the place where designer jeans brands buy their denim. Great stuff.

As for fit -- I have plenty of jeans from them and am an hourglass. I love their low cost in house hemming service.

CocoLion, you know, I don't think I've ever tried their jeans. I'll have to check those out! I could use another pair of skinnies and if they don't quite work, at that price I won't feel bad. Heck I might buy a pair specifically for wearing as 'play clothes' - the jeans I wear for rock climbing and to our metal shop are getting a little old.