When I read the posts here I take a quick look at the images of members posting. You are all so:


and I feel at times, depressed.

I truly do not mind being my age (88). I am active, healthy (touch wood) and have family and friends. That's a lot to be thankful for!

What I don't have are good looks! I consider myself ugly and can cope with that, but other people who take sideways glances unnerve me. I have never thought of myself as being better-looking than anyone else. I am just, in my opinion, an ordinary-looking person., so why the second look. Do I resemble a little old man instead of a little old woman?

I read,YLF ,and occasionally , post here. and have learnt such a lot about how to dress for one's body shape etc. I love clothes: I love colour. I intend to go down fighting!

The trouble is if I dress as I would like to " viz COLOURFULLY people would look twice at me and I don't want that. I want to be invisible!

I wonder if anyone here has ever had moments of anxiety regarding appearance. Am I being vain, neurotic, self-obsessed, or even all three.? Surely I should be more worried about other things in my life/little world.

I am tempted to delete all the above but talking to strangers is strangely cathartic. I suppose what I need is a "friendly enemy" to tell me what is wrong with me, and can I do anything about it.........apart from whinging!!