I like both renditions too! You are looking great!

I also have always had a weird fondness for ankle-baring shoe styles with cropped pants (not necessarily flared crops). I don't know why, maybe because it seems to put a little emphasis on slim ankles and feet, which are admittedly part of me I'd rather highlight than...others.

Love both of these.
And echoing Firecracker on combining olive with your ivory. You look vibrant in those natural- toned nearly- neutrals.

Coco is looking down smiling about both renditions.

Both outfits are fantastic Lisa but I can see from your body language you are more comfortable in the second look.

I think the tee from outfit #2 would also look smashing with the jacket, trousers and boots of outfit #1.

Also, from the evidence here I see no need to up the accessory game but if that is an internal driver I am here to cheer you on xo

Love them both, well nr 2 actually a little bit more:-)). But love EQUALLY BOTH the ankle flares/pants WITH the strappy bootie-sandals-they are such a great choice to close the gap and make for the trendy appearance! YLF Lisa!

Look at you, all nonchalantly wearing crops and tweed! I love it. Angie really has put the fear in me regarding hem lengths but it seems people are managing some margin of error here. Clearly the way to wear them is to just put them on and go. You are now my style heroine.

Lol - Una. I am such a non-analyst . Put it on and go is my motto - and I quickly figure out if I don't like it. I just can't with deliberating and assessing and fussing. Really, it's about whether WE like how we look and what we're wearing , right ? xo

Lyn67 - I have to say, your comment never, ever fail to make me smile, You have a unique way with words